Thursday, March 26, 2015

Just Sayin'

C'mon, wrap your heads around this one.

Does anybody find it curious that (radical Sunni) Saudi Arabia can barely make a token contribution to the fight against (radical Sunni) ISIS but seems to have no end of firepower to bring down on the heads of the (Shiite) Houthi rebels in Yemen?  Does it matter that the Houthi rebels are mainly fighting al-Qaeda and ISIS forces?  The Houthi are fighting the people we're fighting but we're okay with Saudi Arabia giving ISIS a pass so they can bring the hammers of hell down on the Mouthi?

The Saudis are giving air support to ISIS in Yemen.  What have we gotten ourselves into?

Just sayin'


WILLY said...

I get that they are pissed about who succeeded or should of succeeded _Muhammad_
But I think the US reaction comes down to the fact that the Shia do not control the **sweet crude

Purple library guy said...

I just googled the Houthis. Frankly, they seem a lot nicer than the Saudis. Or ISIS, or Al Q, or the previous Yemeni government, or . . . really, any Sunni group with noticeable amounts of power. I wouldn't go all the way to calling them nice, but by the standards of violent insurgencies they seem pretty respectable.

The Mound of Sound said...

@ Willy - that is the biggest nightmare of the Saudi princes. Their best oilfields are in minority Shiite areas. The House of Saud is terrified that Iran might spark a rebellion in the oil field region.

@ PLG - A couple of months ago Vice News did a feature on the Houthi that gives the same impression of them that you have. I posted the videos here:

What's interesting is how the Saudis have been attacking the Houthi for quite awhile. This is nothing new and the Americans and Israelis seem complicit in it.

Anyong said...

One big pile of do-do is what we are getting ourselves into.