Saturday, March 14, 2015

Jason Kenney Shows His True Colours

And they're the colours of a serial liar.  Methinks he's over his head as minister of defence but maybe he's just practising for the job he really wants.

We've been told by Kenney and his aide of Russian fighters buzzing a Canadian frigate in the Black Sea.  Worse yet, according to Kenney a pair of Russian warships confronted HMCS Fredericton.

A high-speed, low-altitude pass over  a warship by a less than friendly warplane is an act of aggression.  Not necessarily illegal but provocative nonetheless.  For domestic consumption it can evoke the tank barrel to tank barrel confrontations we saw when the Berlin Wall was erected.  It's another beat of the war drum.

Except it's not true.  After Kenney and his minion spread the story, Canada's defence department wouldn't comment.  I wonder why?  Instead they told reporters to contact NATO.  It turned out that the Russians didn't buzz any Canadian warship.   The Russians did overfly the Canadian ship but at altitude. As for the menacing confrontation by Russian ships, NATO said there were some Russian ships that could be seen far out on the horizon but they never approached the NATO task force.

My guess is that Jason Kenney is merely demonstrating that he has the lying skills necessary to be the natural successor to the Prince of Darkness himself, especially if old Beelzebub has to bail quickly during the Duffy trial.


Anonymous said...

Kenney has also had the fake citizenship ceremony, and this latest bit of official lying - showing fake pictures of Muslim women in chains & forced child marriage:

The Mound of Sound said...

Fortunately for Kenney, he's finally got a job with a firm where persistent lying is considered a talent.

Owen Gray said...

It's interesting that they share the same characteristic, Mound. I wonder if it's a litmus test for members of the new Conservative Party.

Lorne said...

Is it possible that Kenney is hedging his bets, Mound? If his Ottawa gig doesn't work out, perhaps the siren call of Hollywood and its myth-making mechanisms has aroused his interest?

The Mound of Sound said...

Owen, I think deceit has been at the core of the modern Conservative operating system. It's ingrained in their psyche going back to their days in opposition.

Lorne, outside his stint as MP, it's hard to imagine Kenney's future. All my mind can envision is an appliance salesman in a second hand store.