Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Yeah, But in Harper's Eyes, They're the Canadians That Matter.

Another zinger from the parliamentary budget officer.  The PBO is confirming what other critics have been saying for a long time - Harper's income splitting initiative will benefit just one in six families and they're already the well off.

"The FTC [family tax credit] benefits about two million households, or 15 per cent of the Canadian total," a newly released report by the PBO says.

It goes on to say "middle and middle-high income households benefit most because they are more likely to have a family income and income tax structure conducive to FTC gains."

Opposition critics have complained since the scheme's unveiling that it is inherently unfair because its benefits are skewed toward the wealthy.

That criticism seems to be in line with what a former finance minister concluded last year.

The late Jim Flaherty, while he was still in the finance portfolio, denounced his own government's plan as one that "benefits some parts of the Canadian population a lot — and other parts of the Canadian population virtually not at all."

It's all sort of reminiscent of another rightwing loser.  All Harper needs now is a white tie and tails.


Anonymous said...

When has any Canadian Government been strickly for the country and its people???? Anyong

ben burd said...

Another notch on Harper's gun, he loves to ignore these guys - the PBO,he probably takes pride in this snub

Unknown said...

Mound, this is Harper once again giving the finger to the majority of Canadians.