Friday, March 27, 2015

It's a Muslim Religious Civil War and We're Going In Blind.

When we see one of our closest Arab allies, Saudi Arabia, go after a Shiite bunch engaged in combat with ISIS and al Qaeda forces, the same groups we're supposedly fighting, then it should be obvious that all is not as it seems. Suddenly this entire anti-ISIS coalition smells off.

Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar are up to their arses in modern strike fighters, over 800 among them, and they're within easy flying range of ISIS forces in Iraq and Syria.  Stationing a penny packet of 6 CF-18s in that territory is literally sending coals to Newcastle.

I assume Obama has any number of geo-political reasons for delivering yet another Western air armada to fight ISIS but c'mon it's the tail wagging the dog as usual. We, however, seem to be there because somebody blew the "coalition" dog whistle.  That's life in America's Aerial Foreign Legion.

Harper is utterly Pavlovian about these gigs.  It's the equivalent of yelling "squirrel" to a setter.

We get in, not knowing what we're going to achieve or how or what we're going to do when things go sideways which is often the result of going into these things in such a half-arsed manner.


WILLY said...

Harper wasn't asked to join by Obama. Harper asked if he could join.

The Mound of Sound said...

Willy, don't you know anything about "real Canadian values"?

Dana said...

Oh, yes, habibi, yes, this is very old and rare carpet. From harem of Sultan Suleiman the 12th in what you call the 11th century, habibi. Very rare. Silk, woven by virgins.

They've known who we are and what drives us for centuries. We've never taken the time to know them. So they are always able to manipulate us into buying the carpet and we never know they're doing it. Until we get the fookin' thing home and find out it's wool and riddled with moths.