Monday, March 02, 2015

Sounds Like a Plan to Me. Meet the Burial Pod.

An Italian group has come up with a dandy idea to make good use of you when you're gone - grow a tree.  The deceased is bundled, fetal position, into a biodegradable pod/coffin that is then paired to a tree of choice.  The tree/pod combo is planted/buried and you become nutrients to help the tree grow.

Another idea in the offing in Seattle is a compostitorium.  It consists of a multi-floor conveyor belt.  The body is buried in a quantity of compost and decomposes as the belt slowly moves along.  At the end the enriched compost and bones are crushed up and off they go to a lovely garden somewhere.


thwap said...

Christ, ... I thought they were supposed to hang in your home like decorations!

The Mound of Sound said...

"What's that curiously attractive thing in the corner?"

"Why, that's Aunt Tilly slowly transforming into plant food. Divine, isn't it?"