Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Runciman Blows a Fuze

Former Ontario solicitor-general now senator, Bob Runciman, is furious at ne'er-do-wells getting near the prime minister.  He thinks it should be made an indictable offence for shady types to get within arm's length of people like Steve Harper or the governor general.  Oh, where to begin?



No Bob.  Dammit, Leave the Bear Out of This


Anonymous said...

You deserve serious kudo's for your restraint!

I noticed they pulled the 24 Sussex shots of Mr. Harper and Chad Krueger off of the official photos site: wonder how many others have fallen into the memory hole . . .

bcwaterboy said...

This one's easy to turn around in the other direction, namely steve harper getting into arms length of the likes of the esteemed rob ford, "good leadership" mike duffy, tom flannigan, my that list is getting rather long. In other words, steve's in good company.