Saturday, July 01, 2017

And Then This Popped Into My Mind

I was just getting out of bed. Blue sky outside. I remembered today was the 150th anniversary of Confederation. Then this popped into my mind. The tune and all the lyrics. Like it was yesterday.

1967. My parents took us on the pilgrimage to the world's fair, Expo 67, in Montreal. My very first world's fair. Amazing.

Here it is, 50 years ago:


John B. said...

That reminds me.

I was taking a course about ten years ago with about thirty others who were mostly twenty-somethings. Other than myself, the oldest was a forty-two year-old. In making a point about memory and associations, the instructor, a man of about my age, asked while looking toward the old guy whether anyone knew what the population of Canada was in 1967. When I told him it was twenty million, he asked, "How did you know that?" Without having to think about it I said, "Bobby Gimby told me."

I still think that the lineup for the show at the "Labyrinth" exhibit was the best four-hours I ever wasted. My wait was shorter than most because I was able to leapfrog over a couple hundred others in the crowded lobby where the elevators were located when an attendant came out and asked, "Qui est seul?" I guess I was the only one.

The Mound of Sound said...

Good stories, John. Thanks.The Labyrinth video is still available on YouTube:

Part One

Part Two

the salamander said...

.. my fiancee's boss played last night in Ottawa + received a lovely tribute & we watched the evening show with interest..Some very interesting & very diverse talent.. and to say it was also a miracle of coordination, stage management & weather contingency would be a grevious understatement..

Way way back in 67 we too attended Expo in Montreal. We had a rented cottage on Lac Connelly & drove in daily, then boarded the rubber wheeled subway & got to the site. My grandma was in a wheelchair & we skipped every line at every pavilion - thus our passports were stamped many many times daily. The owner of our cottage was a scuba instructor & thus I had my first true experience underwater. For a fsrm boy who grew up idolizing Sea Hunt and Jacques Cousteau, it was a wicked week.. and yes, Bobby Gimby was a star.. !

We also squeezed in EXPO 86 - but by then we had a one year old going on two. Both of us worked on the production for the Canadian Pavilion.. the Vidiwall and its related Communication Pods exploring Canadian expertise & accomplishment in Communication, Resources, Transportation. The tar sands were but a glimmer.. but were being pimped heavily. There was no Internet as yet.. or cel phones & there was CPR CNR Air Canada, Canadian Pacific & Wardair.. I believe the stewardesses and pilots had legal cigarette breaks in flight.. and in school there was a push to stop 'pollution' ie don't stuff your candy wrapper or used kleenex or ashtray out the car window on the highway !

Happy Canada Day, Mound.. you're a great one .. !

PS.. big scoop. We attended with little dogs, the East York T.O. parade yesterday..
Anne has a long history of doing so. I got her posing with Doug Ford .. ! Haha !
And he gave us his cel phone number.. which I promptly disremembered..
I did shake his hand.. it was a big n meaty one..
he seemed a pleasant feller, workin both sides o th street & every cop
I will never ever shake Stephen Harper's hand.. never ever..
but that's part of my mysterious Canada eh.. ? ?