Saturday, July 01, 2017

Scraping the Barrel - Theresa May's Polls Numbers Are Even Worse Than Trump's

The walking cadaver also known as Britain's prime minister, Theresa May, is in deep trouble - with the British public and especially with her own Tory caucus.

After a disastrous election campaign and the fallout of the deadly Grenfell Tower highrise fire, May's polling numbers stand at -20% (31% approval, 51% disapproval). Contrast that with early April when May decided to crush Labour's Jeremy Corbyn by calling a snap election.  Back then May's numbers were a respectable +20% while Corbyn wallowed at -35%. It was all too tempting to pass up.

The British public, it seems, have had enough of May's hyper-Thatcherite pantomime. Her MPs seem to realize that their mantra of austerity is riling up the proles.

Robert Ford, professor of political science at the University of Manchester said: “This new poll suggests that the remarkable swing in political fortunes which began in the general election campaign has continued in the weeks after the vote. Theresa May’s personal ratings have collapsed further, while Jeremy Corbyn’s have surged.

“There have been a few occasions when the public have turned rapidly against a prime minister, for example Gordon Brown’s collapse in support in the autumn of 2007, when Vince Cable noted his “remarkable transformation ... from Stalin to Mr Bean.

“Meanwhile, Jeremy Corbyn’s position in the party, in serious doubt just a few weeks ago, now looks unassailable. He is recording net positive personal ratings on a regular basis for the first time in his leadership, and Labour’s poll share of 45% is among the best the party has seen since the height of Tony Blair’s popularity.” 


Anonymous said...

With May in the UK and Trump in the USA we have the laughing stock of the world.
Two countries living in never never land; both quite unaware of the world around them.
With the absence of honest political direction both have turned inward whilst blaming the rest of the world for their failures.


Toby said...

The Grenville Tower fire showed how much the government has been hollowed out. The ghost of Maggie Thatcher has gone poof and Theresa May is left with nothing to show for it. May should save herself more embarrassment and resign; she's done.

Lorne said...

May all of these perturbations result in a record turnout in the next British election, Mound.

Northern PoV said...

This is just yesterday...

"Labour's right wing draws up new plan to undermine Jeremy Corbyn"

a lot like the Hillary fanatics that helped beget the tRump nightmare.

Anonymous said...

What are Trump's comparative numbers?

Dana said...

Anonymous, this is the world wide web and you're asking questions like that? Learn how to use your computer, please, and stop revealing yourself like that.