Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Trump's War on the Environment and Humanity

The old bastard has barely been in power for six months yet he's made breathtaking progress in undermining the environment and mankind's prospects for the future.

Unlike the travel ban or healthcare, Trump has faced few obstacles in sweeping away what he has called “job-killing” environmental rules that address problems such as climate change, water pollution and smoggy air.

“I’ve been very concerned by what I’ve seen – this is about people’s health,” said Christine Todd Whitman, a Republican who was the EPA administrator under George W Bush, and also served as governor of New Jersey. “They are undermining science and people’s respect for science. They don’t seem to care.”

Trump’s agenda has been enthusiastically spearheaded by Scott Pruitt, the administrator of the EPA, who promised in February that he would be rolling back regulations “in a very aggressive way”. Pruitt has repeatedly decried the economic cost of green strictures, especially on the coal industry, which he said was the target of a “war” from the Obama administration.

The Guardian article goes on to list the major rollbacks Trump has already implemented. They're a good indicator of where he's planning to go from here.


Owen Gray said...

It's Trump's and his minions' attitude toward science and climate change which highlight their profound ignorance, Mound.

The Mound of Sound said...

I can never bring myself to quite believe that these people could be that abjectly ignorant, Owen. By and large they're intelligent, educated and experienced individuals. It's illogical that they wouldn't know the score especially as it is becoming more obvious, inescapably so, with each passing year. My suspicion is that they're doing it to confound and mislead the public or at least a large segment, the gullabillies. Once the easily misled clue in, the gang currently in power will face some serious personal problems.