Tuesday, February 12, 2019

BC First Nations Take Trudeau to the Wood Shed

That's what we need. Something else to sour the relationship between British Columbia's First Nations and the sitting government in Ottawa.

The Union of BC Indian Chiefs is rallying to defend Jody Wilson-Raybould against what it claims are racist and sexist attacks by individuals inside Trudeau's inner circle.
The B.C. group — headed by Grand Chief Stewart Phillip — urged Prime Minister Justin Trudeau "to take responsibility for your behaviour and that of your government," and called into question his commitment to the Crown-Indigenous relationship. 
"If you do not condemn these harmful statements and apologize ... you not only reaffirm a colonial belief system that Indigenous women are inferior and disposable, but the hypocrisy of your professed feminism and 'most important relationship' with Indigenous people will be laid bare for all Canadians to see," the group's release concludes.


Anonymous said...

J W-R is my MP. The descriptions of her fit what I saw from her at debates - she's in it for herself. I mean they all are, but she's at a level where she doesn't hide it. Her attitude seemed to be "I have been anointed by the Liberals to represent you peasants and you are damned lucky I consented to even show up."

I truly hadn't been that disgusted by a politician who bothered to show up to a debate (note: I haven't seen a Con at one since before Harper) since I was living in the greater Ottawa area and Baird was running to be my MPP.

I don't think there's anything sexist or racist about the criticisms I have heard. OTOH, if all of the rumours pan out I will end up with a bit of respect for her.

- PF

The Mound of Sound said...

We shall both have to wait and see how this unfolds, PF.

Anonymous said...

Sexist and racist?! We're talking about Justin Trudeau, not Stephen Harper.


The Mound of Sound said...

Well, UU, you have to admit that Harper never groped a young woman reporter in Creston, did he? You know the incident - the one that Trudeau admitted at the time, in writing, but then tried to dodge when it surfaced recently. Or had you forgotten that?

Anonymous said...

Groped? Can you please define based on the “young woman’s” testimony? No? Because maybe it wasn’t quite as originally described? As I understand, that “young woman” doesn’t want to have anything to do with those comments she made long ago ... except that a certain W K - who is a supporter of only those Adscam Liberals of yesteryear ... keeps pushing the point.

There are much more serious issues to push the current government on than this BS. There are so many agendas at play here that it’s ridiculous. I think there’s more to Jody W-R than we understand. And, she has “race” and “gender” on her side to obfuscate the truth because there’s no investigative journalism left in this country.

There are many things that this Trudeau government has done that piss me off. But, I really don’t think this is Trudeau’s style - unless you are a Trudeau hater.


Anonymous said...

"Young" woman, yep, gotta work the dirty old man angle. Both of them young people actually, doing what happens at every music festival I've ever been to. Unlike the crotch grabber to the south who was married at the time of his own incidents.
He's not married or engaged, doesn't even have a girlfriend. He's in the central area of the festival because it was fundraising to do with his dead brother. She's single. She's got an all access press pass as well and is acting friendly to him. He assumed she got one by passing herself off as a reporter for some local paper.

So in a situation like that, after some flirting, a pat on the bum is not a sexual assault. Sheesh, no wonder we aren't having kids. Are you sure you grew up in the 1960s and not the 1860s?

Then he learns she is actually on assignment with a national newspaper. That changes everything. She was at work. So metoo comes into play, long before it had a name. He then apologized, obviously embarrassed at his misread of her intentions.

In case you don't get it, "metoo" is not about it being bad to try and get laid. It is about trying to so so or otherwise take advantage of someone in their workplace. Because in the workplace, you are required to be friendly and nice.

I meet women in various roles, at the bank, at a restaurant, hair cuts and in all cases I enjoy their sometimes flirty but always extra friendly behaviour because I am always nice too. I never even attempt to ask anyone out in such a situation. Invariably, I eventually see them outside the work place, shopping or something, and I can usually tell they are not actually interested. Often because they are with a boyfriend, or they are simply cordial but not batting their eyes so to speak. I recall one guy responding to reports men are fearful of being metoo'd for no reason, and he laughed and said "just don't be an asshole". We all know guys who would push it in the workplace, and I say good if we can put a stop to that.

The Mound of Sound said...

Trudeau bungled his handling of the Creston incident and it cost him. He might have learned from it that, when these kerfuffles erupt, get ahead of it, fast. Don't fall back on weasel word excuses denying you didn't "direct" something improper.

So I'm very, very sorry that Trudeau acolytes are behaving like scalded cats but that's not my doing. Much as I don't care for the Trudeau government, I cringe at the notion of a Scheer government. That's what makes me angry about how he's bungling this one.

This won't affect me. When I go into the polling station this fall I'll be marking my ballot for the Green Party. This won't be on my mind. It won't be on the minds of Trudeau's loyal base either. As for the undecided, Trudeau skeptics or First Nations - that's another matter.

Fill your boots. Defend him as much as you like. That won't make any difference. At this point Justin Trudeau's fate is in Justin Trudeau's hands. He can get ahead of this, get the truth out now, and defend his actions whatever they were. Or he can dither and lose support by the day. I'd much rather he didn't allow Chuckles to turn him into the Tories' whipping boy.

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