Friday, February 22, 2019

Why Do the Scumbags Always Link Back to Trump?

This time it's Trump cronies Jeffrey Epstein and Alexander Acosta.

Epstein is a multi-millionaire juvenile sex predator and Trump play pal. Acosta was the prosecuting attorney who cut Epstein the sweetheart deal of all time and somehow wound up as Trump's labor secretary.

Here's the background to what transpired between prosecutor Acosta and Epstein's counsel back in 2007:
Palm Beach multimillionaire Jeffrey Epstein, 54, was accused of assembling a large, cult-like network of underage girls — with the help of young female recruiters — to coerce into having sex acts behind the walls of his opulent waterfront mansion as often as three times a day, the Town of Palm Beach police found. 
The eccentric hedge fund manager ...was also suspected of trafficking minor girls, often from overseas, for sex parties at his other homes in Manhattan, New Mexico and the Caribbean, FBI and court records show. 
Facing a 53-page federal indictment, Epstein could have ended up in federal prison for the rest of his life. 
But on the morning of the breakfast meeting, a deal was struck — an extraordinary plea agreement that would conceal the full extent of Epstein’s crimes and the number of people involved
Not only would Epstein serve just 13 months in the county jail, but the deal — called a non-prosecution agreement — essentially shut down an ongoing FBI probe into whether there were more victims and other powerful people who took part in Epstein’s sex crimes, according to a Miami Herald examination of thousands of emails, court documents and FBI records
The pact required Epstein to plead guilty to two prostitution charges in state court. Epstein and four of his accomplices named in the agreement received immunity from all federal criminal charges. But even more unusual, the deal included wording that granted immunity to “any potential co-conspirators’’ who were also involved in Epstein’s crimes. These accomplices or participants were not identified in the agreement, leaving it open to interpretation whether it possibly referred to other influential people who were having sex with underage girls at Epstein’s various homes or on his plane.
Yesterday a judge said the deal Acosta fashioned was illegal. No shit. And last month, presumably responding to the heat this sham has attracted thanks to the Miami Herald, the justice department opened an investigation into Acosta.

Trump hasn't weighed in yet but, if he does, he'll probably say that he wouldn't know Jeffrey Epstein if he was standing next to the guy, not even if he and Melania were standing next to Epstein and a woman reputed to have recruited young girls for him.

Trump, Melania, Epstein, Robert Maxwell's daughter, Ghislaine.

Now this is not to say that Trump, a self-confessed serial sexual deviant, ever partook of Epstein's generosity or that he rewarded Acosta with the labour secretary job  for granting immunity to any "potential co-conspirators" because, after all, what president would do that sort of thing? Oh yeah.

Responding to the latest events, the White House said it's looking into Acosta's role in the Epstein case.
"My understanding is it is a very complicated case, certainly something we're looking into," [Sarah] Sanders told reporters a day after a federal judge in Florida ruled that prosecutors, led by Acosta, had broken the law by signing a non-prosecution agreement with Epstein without notifying his sex abuse victims.

Sanders said she believed prosecutors "made the best possible decision and deal they could have gotten at the time, but again, that's something we're looking into." Asked if President Donald Trump still had confidence in Acosta, Sanders said, "We're looking into the matter but I'm not aware of any changes."
The Trump labor department wasted no time coming to Acosta's defence:
After Judge Kenneth Marra's finding in the victims' case that Acosta's office had violated the notification law, a Department of Labor spokesperson released a statement Thursday defending his actions. 
Decisions made by Acosta's office "were approved by departmental leadership and followed departmental procedures. This matter remains in litigation and, thus, for any further comment we refer you to the Department of Justice," the statement said.
Also linked to Epstein are Alan Dershowitz, Ken Starr, Bill Clinton, Prince "Randy Andy" Andrew and, of course, Donald Trump.


the salamander said...

.. my suspician is..
It will take time for the Mueller meteoric shower to put Trump et al flat on their backs, feet in the air.. hands wringing, denials and insults shouted, snouted on Twitter, the Senate etc (Trump always insults & blames while denying and decrying) Be lots of 'lawyering up' multiple defense layers of legal liars.

But then the Epstein legalities will hit.. this may become an endless process lasting past the end of Donald Trump's natural life. Yes, his inversed 'legacy' and inherited by his family, surviving enablers and scumbags. The overall pile-on ? I say it will last 6-10 years. The last two of Trump.. the next 4 of whomever scrapes by into the tainted toxic 'Presidency'. If its a GOP next term hence the 10 years.. the last 4 being Democrat. The endless dirt and sludge from Trump et al needing a minimum really of a generation to break down

Yes we are seeing flames & the glowing embers of the golden age of scumbuggery, deceit and fuckery.. personal, social, religious, financial, corporately, legal and political .. that always ends in strife by the by ... they will resist

Owen Gray said...

It's interesting -- and disturbing -- to see the people who congregate around Trump.

The Mound of Sound said...

It does seem a tad primordial,Owen.

The Mound of Sound said...

Sal, there's a question no one is asking, at least not openly. Why did Trump give the plum labor secretary job to Acosta of all people? What was Trump's motivation? Might it have had anything to do with Acosta's Epstein deal that gave immunity to any "potential co-conspirators" - his pals who also had the sexual appetites of a goat? Wait a second. Trump has the sexual appetites of a goat. Trump was a friend of Epstein's. Do you think there could be some sort of connection, one that might make Trump think rather fondly of Acosta?

Purple library guy said...

See, this is what I like to see. The thing about Trump is that he's a horrible scumbucket who's guilty of practically anything you can think of. The only thing I really don't believe he's guilty of is being some sort of Russian agent, so I'm pleased when I see people investigating the real stuff.

Anonymous said...

The picture in your post adds another layer of deceitful connections to the Trump camp. Ghislaine Maxwell had a romantic relationship with Epstein. Her father Robert, sometimes referred to as the "Bouncing Czech", fell off his yacht in 1991 and allegedly drowned. Maxwell senior circulated with the wealthy classes, Brits, Americans and Ukrainians. The Israeli's Mossad also provided him with considerable protection. Manafort seems to follow many of Maxwell's forays in crime, particularly in the Black Sea area. RG