Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Dianne Feinstein's Overdue Pink Slip

It was not Dianne Feinstein's greatest moment when the 85 year old senator from California bared her fangs at a gaggle of school kids beseeching her to support the Green New Deal.

Feinstein was not going to take any guff, especially from kids who won't be eligible to vote for one or two general elections.

To me, it was like nails dragged across a chalkboard when Feinstein glowered at the kids and said, "who is going to pay for this?"

I so wish someone had been there to tell Feinstein, "what will these kids have to pay if you don't?"

People who think like Feinstein, be they 85 or 55, have to go. They're making horrible decisions that they won't have to pay for. It's those kids she so angrily rebuked, they'll have to pay and that won't be pretty.

It's not just fossil fuels that have to go. The fossils occupying senior posts in our legislatures - they've got to go as well.


Purple library guy said...

She's pretty damn horrible. As are many of her corporate Democrat colleagues. Is there anything in the US political system that can be saved?

Jay Farquharson said...

It was actually a carefully editted ambush, and actually exposed the Justice Democrats as ratfuckers.

Dianne Feinstein gets a 100% rating from the Sierra Club on the Environment, Climate Change, Animal welfare, biodiversity, preservation, etc.


Purple library guy said...

Interesting. Well, I'll reserve judgment on this until I see the unedited video. I'm quite willing to believe this is about some kind of vicious internecine Democratic squabble.
Feinstein is still horrible though, and the Sierra Club, whatever they may have been once, have long since become largely fake, one of those inside the beltway fundraising machines that does more greenwashing than actual environmentalism.

The Mound of Sound said...

I'm with PLG, Jay. Even the IPCC, the milquetoasts of climate change, have warned the world community what we must do by 2030 to have a reasonable chance of averting runaway global warming. Given the IPCC track record, that is probably an optimistic take.

Feinstein, like other status-quo Democrats, is offering no plan to cut US GHG emissions by half by 2030. Not even close. So what she's offering is gestural at best and, in the context of these kids, that's meaningless.

We're still throwing these youngster's future on the ash heap and, Jay, you should know that. Balloonjuice be damned.

Jay Farquharson said...

purple library guy,

The full video is in the Balloon Juice article.


Feinstein is an “old” California Democrat. Which means she’s a bit left of Raygun on a bunch of issues, like economics, with Raygun on issues like Defence, and a California treehugger on the Environment. With out the backing of the California Democratic Party she “curb stomped” her opponent in the “jungle primary” and cakewalked to re-election. She’s “in” until the 2022 elections. She will be 89 then.

Today, The Sunshine Project tried to protest and speak with Yurtle the Turtle today. He had them all arrested for trespassing.

Feinstein’s proposed legislation is not going anywhere. The most it will do is slightly shift the Overton window left. A few pieces might make it into the Climate Change Commitee’s legislative proposals. That’s not going anywhere either.

Yurtle the Turtle will kill it.

The Green New Deal is an apirational piece of feel good pablum. It will pass the House and die in the Senate.

It will serve as a guideline for the various House Commitees as they craft legislation, to try to bring Climate Change and Environmental Justice into a broad array of proposed legislation, from labour to banking. None of it will pass, but again, it will push the Overton window a bit to the left, and it will probably become the Democratic Party platform in 2020.

I understand you are angry, but amplifying leftier than thou grifters who are only in it for the money, (they keep 95% of all fundraising for themselves), smears, on a an Ally, doesn’t help the Climate Change crisis.

I don’t write a blog bagging on May and the Green Party, for not saving us from Climate Change, because it would be stupid and counter productive. They don’t have the power, havn’t had the power, and don’t have the media platform.

Bagging on Feinstein based off a conman’s editted attack video is just stupid, and counterproductive.

Bill Hicks said...

Frakenfeinstein isn't going anywhere. She just got reelected despite a weak attempt by her party to dump her, and will now will no doubt next run for reelection when she is 91 years of age, because old sociopaths (and billionaires) never die.

Why does this happen? Because American voters are stupid and people like her are what they WANT.

Here in Virginia, none of the three top officeholders have resigned despite two prancing around in blackface and another facing serious charges of sexual assault. Our illustrious governor, the guy who thought it was cool to appear in his medical school yearbook with a fellow frat boy wearing a Klan outfit, is no doubt hanging on because he was put there by his backers to defuse liberal opposition to our own horrid pipline project, that one that will blast through the Appalachian Trail among other atrocities. So what am I suppose do about it--vote for the Republicans in our local races this November?

Jay Farquharson said...


Did you know that the “there’s nobody to vote for”, “bothsides” and “your vote doesn’t matter” are all antidemocratic propaganda campaigns first run on the West by Stalin and the USSR, now carried on by Putin and Russia, right?

Ever thought of running yourself, or do you too have blackface/KKK cosplay or sexual assault in your past?

I hear that there’s this lovely lady named Stacy Abhrams next door in Georgia that you might be able to trade for.

Or maybe move someplace where casual racism and rape isn’t so common that neither the Campaigns or their Opponents Opposition research picks up on it, because they think it’s just “normal”.