Friday, February 22, 2019

Screw the Whales. Screw British Columbia.

The National Energy Board has predictably - yes, entirely predictably - concluded that the Trans Mountain Pipeline, a.k.a. the Justin Trudeau Memorial Pipeline, a.k.a. the People's Pipeline, is in the national interest even if it does screw over British Columbia's already endangered whales.

The NEB, bowing to the obvious, admitted the armada of extra supertanker traffic will have "significant adverse" impacts on the southern resident killer whales but, hey, so what.
“The considerable benefits of the project include increased access to diverse markets for Canadian oil; jobs created across Canada; the development of capacity of local and Indigenous individuals, communities and businesses; direct spending on pipeline materials in Canada; and considerable revenues to various levels of government,” the board said in a long-awaited report. 
Armed with the NEB report, the federal government will now continue its First Nations consultation to determine what precise concerns impacted communities have about with regards to the project, and how their views can be accommodated.
This was a stacked deck during Harper's reign. Despite his promises to clean it up, it remains a stacked deck under Harper's Liberal successor, Justin 'The Phony Pony' Trudeau.

This tears it. Even if you don't give a shit about the clear hazards to our coastal environment and our endangered marine life, you should at least have the decency to grasp what flooding world markets with high-carbon bitumen means to a planet on the very cusp of uncontrollable, runaway global warming. There are two sides here and, despite the bald faced lies of this prime minister, they're irreconcilable. You're either on the side of humanity and some viable future for our grandkids or you're on the side of this decrepit petro-state.  By the way, the default option, the let's look the other way option, that's pro-petro-state.

Your choice.

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