Friday, February 08, 2019

The SNC-Lavalin/Wilson-Raybould/Trudeau Fracas - Who Cares?

Apparently Liberals care, or at least some of them care. The Conservatives, always looking for something, anything to distract the voting public from Chuckles the Scheer, care - a lot. Jagmeet cares, hoping this will weaken his Liberal opponent in the upcoming by-election.

Folks who care are taking sides. Do they believe what they read into ex-Justice minister Jody's unconvincing remarks about whether the prime minister strong-armed her to cut a sweetheart deal with SNC-Lavalin or do they believe Trudeau when he denies that he "directed" Wilson-Raybould to take Lavalin off the hook.

Sometime Liberal pundit, Kinsella, has his money on Jody. Others slag Jody which seems to be a prerequisite to backing Trudeau. Will Liberal bloodletting ensue?

For once I really don't care. Que sera, sera. In the Tyee, columnist Crawford Kilian has already written Trudeau's political obituary. Sounds a bit premature to me but, hey, a guy has deadlines to meet. Kilian goes so far as to say the Libs only remaining hope is to elect Wilson-Raybould leader to take the party into the next general election. As if.

My take? That's clear. I'm already on record that this year's vote has to go Green because the future of our young people is in danger and there's no way this gang of Liberal, Conservative and New Dem petro-pols is going to come to their rescue.

And so, like everyone else, I too will take advantage of this tawdry Liberal fracas to invite every Liberal who is finally fed up with this nonsense to think seriously about giving the LPC a pass this year.


zoombats said...

I agree. We must take a stand. I will not hold my nose and vote for the lesser of evils. Look how it worked out for us last time. I had to vote for Leona who crossed the floor suffering extra slaps. I almost have to agree with late great George Carlin who made a pretty good argument for not voting at all there bye giving more right to complain. No really though, at least a "none of the above". My vote used to always go to the Greens when they would receive a dollar for votes cast. We all know who was the undemocratic prick that took that away. Anyway, Greens get my vote this time around. I hope they run a candidate in my riding.

Toby said...

In my riding Greens don't stand a chance but a vote for Green sends a better message than not voting. I've been telling all who listen, I'm voting Green.

Trailblazer said...

No matter who governs Canada SNC Lavalin will get a get out of jail card.
The Conservatives are not going to make too much of this.

Vote Green?
Only if the local candidate is good; we have had some wankers here in Nanaimo.

I am waiting for Paul Manley to re appear.


Al said...

I saved my generic Green Party yard sign and display it for elections even if there's no Green candidate running in my area.

John B. said...

Wouldn’t that be something?

I suppose most of us don’t really conduct a sound and informed calculation when we think we’re being strategic, but that won’t stop me from thinking that I do. My incumbent NDP guy won’t have a problem supporting Green influence and anything he loses to whatever currently unknown local guy they come up with will just elect whatever currently known but undetermined local guy we’ll see at centre stage when the local Liberals pick the winner of their next ethnopandering pageant. Who cares about the fracas? They don’t. Not a one of them.

I usually know the local numbers but I’ll concede that this one might surprise me.

Anonymous said...

Create a mountain out of a possibly non-existent molehill, put it behind a paywall, and wait for all that subscription money to roll in.

It’s just the Globe being the tawdry remnant of a national newspaper.


the salamander said...

.. who knows, Mound.. maybe some of the dark executive sludge at Lavalin are now personal friends of Justin Trudeau ? This reminds me of Volkswagon getting caught bareass for screwing with the pollution count of their vehicles. I guess the volks high up in that astonishing swindle still get invited to upper crust dinners, swank golf courses, mountain ski resorts. Maybe their fellow guests titter with them about the cost of legal firms these days.

Regardless of my social innuendo about the behavior of the high n mighty.. I also wonder about the wisdom of accepting minor league political donations & extending some sort of loyalty forthwith. What kind of loyalty gets purchased by say 10 thou or 50 thou or even 100 thous these days ? Yes yes, the cost to Lavalin for their past dark dealings they got caught on.. is astonishing. And yes.. they could be barred from national projects, their nation markets severely curbed.

But as we know from the Big Energy payoffs.. its more of a 'millrace' where the same water that powers the millstone, gets dumped back into the millpond to be useful again. And so it is with Our tax money.. Some of us, especially folks like Lavalin, give money to political parties. If the political parties win, they payback the generosity to Big Energy.. or Lavalin.. via subsidy or exalted bidding status or rigged deals.. We the taxpayers pay for. More political donations ensue.. and nice dinners, wonderful hobbnobbing prospects.

I'll never forget the late Saint Jim Flaherty hosting his annual Corporate 'Retreat' .. no doubt funded by taxpayers, so the upper echelon of Big Business could convey to him, to comvey back to Steven Harper, Ray Novak, Nigel Wright, Jason Kenney, Joe Oliver et al.. exactly what they needed, wanted, must have.. It was a vast circle game.. and if Stephen Harper had one singular skill that was it.. the Circle Game.. and the money.. it goes round n round.. & here comes Trudeau to give a run..

Northern PoV said...

The long term significance of this story is in direct inverse proportion to it's coverage by the usual suspects.

RM said...

So if its no big deal WHY is Trudeau trying to hide it from everyone ????
I'd like to hear more about it.