Wednesday, February 20, 2019

CNN - Mueller Report Next Week

CNN is reporting that US government officials say the justice department will announce next week the completion of the Mueller report. That's not to say anyone of us will be let in on it.


the salamander said...

.. I have a standing bet..
with a few local compadres,
that The Mueller Report will be
The Best Selling Book In America

It will 'take the f'ing cake and so much more
and its biggest unsuspecting salesman of the year
will be .. guess who ?.. ? ..

It will be an astonishing Beast unlike any other Beast we've ever seen

The Mound of Sound said...

If and when it sees the light of day, Sal.

My guess (and hope) is that Team Mueller will take steps to ensure their findings can't be buried by Team Trump. Mueller's people have been astonishingly tight-lipped over the past two years but if their report is suppressed there are bound to be major leaks.

John B. said...

It seems like a good time for a fresh NTAS Bulletin. Let’s see what we have in the drafts folder, apply a little specificity and go with it. Or we can just dust off an old one and change a few names and locations.

Wait a minute. We just have to make sure we pick the right cowboys to ride shotgun on that stuff headed for Venezuela. That should do it.

the salamander said...

.. well Mound.. in my sage view (haha)
I don't there is a bag big enough to bag the report
no whale big enough to swallow it.. its too mythic, too tempting

Mound, its impossible to not tickle my creative & sarcasm juices
I just have to think of the American partisan political animals allowed access to it
We could start at the top of the circus main tentpole.. there's the Ugly American himself
sitting in his bedwetting waterproof pj's while his bumboy Hannity reads selected parts.
(out in the hallway a fresh marine salutes another who goes for some food..)

Or how about Mitch McConnell.. jowls quaking and shaking reads some of his uh
.. shsh... bank deposits from The Ukraine to his offshore secret numbered accounts
.. all 15 of them, plus the two in Switzerland... his rent boy is mentioned only as rentboy #13

Or how bout Don junior.. Chapter and Verse hellelujah transcripts from phone calls
up the f'n creek with no paddle.. the rapids thumdering in front of a waterfall from hell..
to later be known as Donald Trump Jr Memorial Idiot Falls

anyways anyways.. you can see where this is going..
Plus realistically the indictments will likely begin flowing
After all, Mueller seems to want to parcel them out..
don't tell me there aren't more suckers in the net..
They will all require specific charges and particulars
Each will require a substantial booklet for the judges & defenders
not to mention the detailed volumes for prosecuters ..

It will be unforgettable and mind blowing..
I assume Mueller had to limit the scope and effort
and simply let the small fry swim away.. duly noted, but not prosecuted

Karl Kolchak said...

And thus will be revealed a bigger nithingburger than a godawful McDonakds Big Mac. Russiagate is and always was Hillary Clinton's BS excuse for losing to the worst excuse of a major party nominee in American history. Fitting punishment for her since she collaborated with the DNC to steal her own nomination from Bernie Sanders, but no excuse for her and her followers persistently trying to get us into WW3.

The Mound of Sound said...

Karl, every now and then I can't help but responding - you're full of shit. Now, other readers have accused you of being a troll. I don't know but sometimes you sure across that way.

Kolchak, remind me of the last time when a presidential campaign had so many key operatives so plainly linked to Russia and so many of them already convicted of lying about their Russian connections. Until then, you truly are full of shit.