Wednesday, February 13, 2019

CBC's Legendary Correspondent, Joe Schlesinger, Has Died.

Many Canadians, perhaps not the young, will recall former CBC correspondent Joe Schelsinger's career. He reported from every corner of the world. But what about his retirement? He explained it all to Rick Mercer.


Owen Gray said...

A truly remarkable man with a remarkable history.

Anonymous said...

Don't think Schlesinger ever phoned CBC HQ for permission as to what or how to report a story, like the modern mice do and who also self-censor to please the bosses. Nor do I feel old Joe was influenced by the bigwigs in other ways - he wouldn't have listened. Either you broadcast what he said or he'd have resigned. Best darn reporter we ever had on foreign news on Canadian media. Trustworthy. Even Bell's CTV mentioned his passing, such was his rep and street cred.


The Mound of Sound said...

Yes, he was a remarkable man and a terrific correspondent. I can't think of anyone of his stature on the air in Canada today. Then again I've long since stopped watching Canadian TV news.