Friday, February 15, 2019

How Stupid Is Donald Trump?

Fresh from signing a national emergency declaration, the Mango Mussolini stepped behind a microphone in the Rose Garden and told reporters there's really no emergency. He just wanted to build the wall, his true fetish, a little faster.

At the 2:50 mark Trump says, "I could have built the wall over a longer period of time. I didn't need to do this but I'd rather do it much faster." Ergo: national emergency. What a chump.


Anonymous said...

Shocking as Trump's comment was, what really stunned me was agreeing with Ann Coulter when she said, “The only national emergency is that our president is an idiot.”


The Mound of Sound said...

Yeah, she seems remorseful about writing "In Trump We Trust, E Pluribus Awesome." I pulled up that Coulter clip, Cap. Thanks.

the salamander said...

.. as Helen Conroy's husband wryly pointed out..
any 9th Circuit lawsuit will start with the phrase you isolated
and courts don't want to get dragged into Zero Scope Determinations
ie considering judgements where there are seemingly 'no borders' haha

Thus we see a 'I didn't have to do anything - emergency'
Ideally Robert Mueller will show Trump what a real emergency is ..
he hasn't put a single foot wrong - and Trump not a single foot right

The Supremes of course will scurry for the dictionaries
and examine exactly what comprises an 'Emergency'
and what evidence of such elements there is thereof..
ie verifiable 'facts' - Oh, but they will not want to shackle President's
who might have to declare an 'actual emergency' via their powers
What a steaming pile of horseshite the White House holds within
and the Senate as well.. and an awful lot of Congress

'and the home of the brave' .. right..

J MacDuff (Weatherguy) said...

There is no existing measurement system that can record how stupid he is!

bcwaterboy said...

Not even a bag of hammers could match the stupid this man displays, the emergency announcement jumped the shark and caught the ire of trusted advisor, none other than the Coultergist. But then again, he's never even met the woman, but he likes her, he thinks, may have seen her a year ago....

Anonymous said...

Ann Coulter is a racist neocon. According to her, the only reason Americans elected Trump was to build the wall.

But the real reason Americans elected Trump was over a number of issues, on which he has delivered like no president since Eisenhower.

1) Tariff Man renegotiated NAFTA, which Obama promised, but was only lying.

2) Tariff Man killed free-trade globalization and replaced it with Fair Managed Trade based on social tariffs that force oligarchs to pay their workers living wages. (E.g., raising Mexican autoworker pay from $3/hr to $16/hr.)

He tore up "terrible trade deals" that produce whopping trade deficits that hemorrhage wealth and jobs and create mountains of debt.

He brought back centrist protectionism in place of "far right" Friedmanian laissez-faire.

Tariff Man is a real-life super-hero to workers. He protects jobs, wages and living standards; he protects markets; and he protects national sovereignty and security.

(Note that Canada signed an investor-protection deal with China. Now we will get sued Big Time by Chinese oligarchs if we don't allow their corrupt spyware technology in our 5G cellular network.)

3) The Donald "freed the slaves" locked up in the Clintons' private-prison sweatshops. It would've looked real good on Obama. He probably promised it too. But he chose the 'cash option.'

4) The Donald is ending the wars. Mopping up the war on ISIS. (Seems he only had to stop arming the terrorists.) He's getting out of Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan. The kind of promises Obama made, but didn't deliver.

Next comes Big Infrastructure and "great healthcare" (another Obama failure.)

The only thing standing in his way are Democrat neoliberals and baby-neoliberal socialists. He already purged the neocons from the Republican party. (Much to the chagrin of Coulter, David Frum and Mitt Romney – the sole survivor.)

One could say The Donald's "foolishness" TRUMPS Obama's and HRC's "intellect." Because DJT represents the people while they used all manner of deception and manipulation to do all manner of evil at home and abroad.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the Mexican autoworkers are giving Tariff Man a big "Ole!"

Tariff Man not only gave them a pay hike, his tariffs on steel and aluminum caused automakers to close US plants and relocate production to Mexico. After all, Mexico isn't stupid enough to make their autoplants uncompetitive by slapping 50% tariffs on imported steel and 25% on aluminum. And, under Tariff Man's new and improved NAFTA, vehicles still move tariff-free from plants in Mexico to dealers in the US.

All-in-all, it's a big win-win for Mexico. Maybe they should consider building a monument to Tariff Man... I know! How about a wall to keep the MAGAts out!


Anonymous said...

Mexicans will have Saint Donald shrines in their homes. They'll light candles to his image. Because unlike neoliberal phonies, The Donald is actually delivering. They will see him as a Robin Hood after all the wealth he brings them in rising wages and living standards.

Tariff Man is a redistributionist. He is forcing the Men of Always to pay their workers A LOT more to stop the economic migration problem at it's source.

Presidents from Kennedy to Obama brought the Americas wars on socialism and drugs: along with death squads and torture-chamber-laboratories that would make Josef Mengele drool. Turned the whole place into a Hell-on-Earth.

The Donald wants to make Mexicans well-off so they can buy his merchandise!