Saturday, February 23, 2019

Manafort Memo Released

It's not a memorandum. It's not a booklet. It's an 800 page tome, most of it appendices. 

CNN has the lightly redacted memo, sans appendices, here.


Anonymous said...

800 pages?! Don't they have page limits down there? Try that here in front of the wrong judge and they'll stop reading after 30 pages.


The Mound of Sound said...

I think they're hoping that the judge will conclude that Manafort should be imprisoned until Trump has read every one of those 800 pages. Wait, that's life without parole.

the salamander said...

.. every once in a while ..
Folks need to be reminded that Manafort attended a Trump Tower meeting .. along with Donald Jr and a guy named Kushner.. and some dubious Russians.. that meeting alone may sink some ships.. but obviously Manafort was a very bad, very sloppy, greedy loser who thought he was very slick and very wealthy.. Geez he could hardly spend it at the rate it was coming in. Mueller goes down in history.. as a great American.. all aligned with Trump go down as hysterical losers.. Trump included