Wednesday, February 13, 2019

When It Comes to Talk Radio, This Guy Is a Rock Star.

If you can access LBC, "Leading Britain's Conversation" radio, you can catch this guy, James O'Brien. I've not heard anything remotely like this in Canada. Here, O'Brien, with the rapier logic of a good barrister, takes on Nigel Farage

How do you get LBC in Canada? There may be other ways but I access it via my Amazon Echo device - "Alexa, play LBC radio."

O'Brien's show is 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). You should be able to figure out what that is in your time zone.

For the entire LBC lineup, you can even find Farage's show if you like, it's all to be had at LBC's web site.


Willy said...

That interview was fun.

You can download an LPC app from Apple and I assume wherever other platform apps are sold

The Mound of Sound said...

I'm strictly Android, Willy, but that's good news for the iPhone/iPad crew. Thanks for that, friend.

Lorne said...

Peerless, Mound. Absolutely peerless. Thank you.

Toby said...

Nigel Farage is a slippery piece of work. It was fun to watch someone try to pin him down.

For those who would like it, the streaming code for LBC London is

LBC has several skilled hosts unlike most of those we encounter elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Yes, thanks for that link.

I enjoyed listening to Farage squirm as he was skewered on point after point. CBC, meanwhile, on its overnight radio show highlights Monocle Radio from London, presumably because the owner is Canadian. It's normal neoliberal/neocon guff straight from the press releases of Western governments. Useless. I have sometimes wondered what London Broadcasting Company had evolved into since my '70s stay in the city. looks like they're providing some actual service to the public.

I don't suppose Farage ever spends a moment in reflection after having been shot down - racial demagogues pretending to sound reasonable are incorrigible, but the public hears what twerps they are, and that's good.

Imagine if we had an interviewer like the LBC's O'Brien in Canada interviewing such luminaries as Douglas Fraud, Jason Kenney and Twinkletoes hisself. Those popinjays' heads would explode with extreme pain as they contradicted themselves and found themselves unable to defend their views, quickly torn apart by a man with a brain using everyday language - no dulcet-toned intellectual is O'Brien.

We can only hope. "Hard Talk" on BBC World Service has equally combative interviewers, but they are so establishment, they're sometimes quite the opposite of O'Brien (as we heard him here at any rate) in outlook, a bit Empire and pro-Western fake news, so make me wince quite often.


John B. said...

Maybe if Don Newman had had a show where that kind of time could be allocated to a subject? But then the Baird would have just failed to show up. Instead we had to settle for former future Senator Mansbridge tossing strudel to Mr. Here-for-Canada once a year.

The Mound of Sound said...

Thanks, Toby. I've been watching O'Brien on YouTube for a while. Then I found out LBC is streaming through Amazon Echo. And then there's the web site plus your additional link. I think this guy raises the bar for talk radio and makes the current crop over here look quite dismal.

I'll check out the other shows over time but, for now until the end of next month (Brexit) I may just stick with O'Brien.

The Mound of Sound said...

Willy mentioned the Apple LBC app so I checked Google Play and found there is also an Android LBC app. I hope four ways to access this station should suffice for all.

@ BM I was thinking this might be your cup of tea.

The Mound of Sound said...

John, I don't know that Don Newman's style rose to the "no bullshit" combativeness of O'Brien's.

John B. said...

I suppose you're right. O'Brien is quick. He catches the guy mid-bullshit and cuts it off. A couple more and the gallop attempt stalls.

Toby said...

Of course the kicker in this is that Nigel Farage hosts his own show on LBC.