Monday, February 25, 2019

Senator Tkachuk, It's Cal Bahr On the Line. Says He's Outdone Ya.

It was just a few days ago that Tory senator Dave Tkachuk, addressing the white nationalist crowd who showed up on Parliament Hill, urged the truckers to run over every Liberal in the land.

Well, Dave Tkachuk has nothing on Minnesota state Rep. Cal Bahr. when he called on Minnesotans to push back on gun control advocates.
“There’s a lot of us in this room that have had enough, and it’s time to start riding herd on the rest of these people that want to take your rights away from you,” Bahr said during the Minnesota Gun Owner Caucus rally.

He added that advocates calling for gun control would "not go quietly into the good night." 
"They need to be kicked to the curb and stomped on and run over a few times,” Bahr said.
Hell's Bells, that's not just run over. It's kicked to the curb, stomped and run over repeatedly. Sort of makes Tkachuk look like a rank amateur, a moron.

Bahr, like Tkachuk, said his words were taken out of context. He didn't want anybody to hurt anyone - not really - just stomp them and run 'em over a little - two, maybe three times max.

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bcwaterboy said...

Far too easy to take the "taken out of context" route each time one of these louts incites the crazies to action. Wont be long until another Charlottesville takes an innocent life. What's painfully obvious is that most gun control advocates are just asking for some common sense that may save a life or two the next time someone thinks its ok to go on a shooting spree with an assault rifle.