Friday, November 08, 2013

With Family Like That, Who Needs Enemies?

Just what a substance abuser needs, a family in denial.

Her son's substance-fueled buffoonery may have made him a laughing stock literally around the world but Rob Ford's mom has rallied to her boy's side, saying he's not alcoholic nor does he have a drug problem.   Ford's sister chimes in with the same line.

Dear Mrs. Ford, if your boy smokes crack he's got a drug problem.  When your boy  admits smoking crack but tries to explain it away by saying he only does it when he's drunk himself into a stupor, then he's got a drug and an alcohol problem.   When he hangs around known drug dealers, some of whom wind up murdered, he's got problems.

Mrs. Ford, be honest.  Have you been running cover for little Rob all his life?  Did you create a truly dysfunctional nest in which to raise your hatchlings?  Let's face it, they've all lived a "colourful" life.  Not up there with the Black Donnellys to be sure, but still.

Ford's sister, Kathy, says "Robbie's not an addict" adding that she should know because she's an addict.  She said that when he drinks, however, he tends to go "full tilt."

Mother Diane says her son hasn't hit rock bottom, "he's not there yet."  The mayor's real problem, according to mum, is his weight.


Anonymous said...

With that in mind, does anyone have to wonder why Rob Ford is the person he is? I always thought people could clean up with money....what a joke.

The Mound of Sound said...

I think money, coupled with dysfunction, is a formula for disaster in any family.

Lorne said...

Such familial denial and enablement suggests there is little hope for Rob Ford on any level, Mound.

The Mound of Sound said...

It's pretty tough for anyone to beat a substance abuse challenge without powerful support from family and friends. They've set up this notion that he's fine except that, from time to time, he gets 'hammered.'

I don't know, Lorne, but I can't imagine that Ford will get any sort of effective help without his family intervening.

deb Scott said...

thats really sad, I read that interview. I can see why the family is no help to Rob. But seems like Doug has finally come to his senses and is trying to get Rob to go to rehab. Todays press release. I think Doug was thrown by the latest video, so Rob has been lying to everyone and has truly blown it. Doug should have done this 6 months ago...but lets hope that Rob heeds his advice. They are being shunned by the city, their radio show is cancelled and the mayors own office are shutting him out.