Friday, November 08, 2013

China May Crank Up CO2 Emissions to Battle Smog

A NASA satellite image shows northeastern China and the city of Harbin literally smothered in smog.   The past two weeks have been record setting for the region.

To combat the dangerous particulate levels caused by coal burning, China is looking at substituting synthetic natural gas.  It generates less particulate pollution but, compared to coal, produces 108% more in CO2 emissions.  SNG is also expected to create enormous stresses on China's already serious freshwater problems.

While SNG can mitigate particulate air pollution, it prompts several other types of concerns. A recent analysis from the World Resources Institute (WRI) assessed SNG's potential risks. It found that the fuel poses serious implications for China's water security, livelihoods and climate.

It's no wonder Christy Clark sees China as ripe for the picking on B.C. LNG.


Anonymous said...

At least they are trying to do something about it. What are we doing...huh?

The Mound of Sound said...

Of course they're 'trying' to do something. The regime fears massive unrest if they don't. Yet they're still building coal-power plants and still keeping Australia rich buying as much as they can ship. If it sounds vaguely schizophrenic, it is.

bcwaterboy said...

Let's get Ben Stewart on this as his first assignment in the Clarke LNG jobs and prosperity plan.

The Mound of Sound said...

That thought crossed my mind also BCW.