Monday, November 04, 2013

Suzuki and Schindler's Dire Warning for Canada

Another catastrophic earthquake event at Fukushima would mean "bye bye Japan" and force the evacuation of the west coast.   David Suzuki and David Schindler are warning that we're in genuine peril.

Of course I know that's rank alarmism and we don't have to worry because the Harper Conservatives have our back and they would never let anything jeopardize Canada's future.


deb Scott said...

yeah this is scary. I wish japan had been more open to help from the get go, they left things too long.
and our govt isnt going to tell us the truth, they are capable of it.

kootcoot said...

Maybe Japan will be able to avoid the catastrophic cost overruns of their OWElympics if everybody dies or has to leave. Can they move to China (the Japanese that is, not the money games)?

crf said...

Who is a better source of facts: David Suzuki or Wikipedia?

The plant melted down, and released radioisotopes in the steam from water used to cool the reactors.

No people died or were seriously sickened directly due to the radiation (almost 16000 lost their lives in the Tsunami and earthquake), including workers at the plant. Many people died or were seriously affected by the evacuation though. The measurable health effects on the affected population in Japan are expected to low: in most cases so low as to unmeasurable against the background cancer rate. Social problems are great for the victims of the nuclear accident: society treats people exposed to radiation with fear, in no small part due to their ignorance of the facts (perhaps due to false-narratives reinforced by public figures like Suzuki).

It isn't now hot enough to produce enough steam to transport aloft any radioisotopes to any great degree. They are attempting to treat the contaminated water on the site. Should an accident occur, the water could be released into the sea (which is not a big whoop).

That situation isn't likely going to change should there be another earthquake (of which there have been several already since Tohoku). Fear-mongering about this is harmful.

The Mound of Sound said...

Thanks for that, Chris. I so hope your take is right.

crf said...

Suzuki is retracting his claims. (Good for him for doing that!)