Sunday, October 05, 2014

Justin, Tommy - Here's Your Talking Points

Look, if you can't nail Harper on this ISIS business, you're not fit to govern anything much less our country.

What you need to do is pry the lid off ISIS.  Show Canadians what lies beneath, who stands behind.

Start with the notion that this seemingly well-organized, well-trained, well-equipped and obviously well-funded ISIS army didn't rise magically from the sands of the Arabian deserts.

ISIS is an armed force that was quite carefully and skillfully manufactured. Somebody, with a lot of money and know-how, raised ISIS.  That sort of undertaking leaves traces - all over the place.

Western intelligence scours that region.  We know the Dr. Frankenstein who created the ISIS monster that now rampages through Syria and Iraq.  We've known all along.  Why not name the fiends?

When Obama refused the Saudis' orders to attack Assad, their chief of skulduggery, prince Bandar bin Sultan vowed to raise an army in the deserts of Jordan to attack Syria. He did precisely as he'd promised. We did nothing to stop him.  We watched him recruit, train, arm and fund an army of religious extremists that would become ISIS.

Let's name the countries we're really up against while we're trying to "degrade" ISIS - Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar.  Those are the states who created and funded and armed ISIS.  They're the states that will create and fund and arm the next ISIS too.

It's called "state sponsored terrorism."    We're very, very familiar with that term. We've been using it since the Reagan era as a justification to bomb people we don't like.  Regan used it, so did GHW Bush and Clinton.  Shrub Bush used it big time when he castigated Saddam for being in league with al Qaeda.

This time it's our supposed allies that are the states sponsoring this most diabolical terrorism of all.  This isn't their first kick at the can and, judging by the past, it likely won't be their last either.

Ask Harper, straight up, who created ISIS?  Where did it come from?  Who raised this army?  Who trained it?  Where was it trained?  Who equipped and armed it?  Where did the weapons originate?  Who funded it and who directed it?

Ask Harper how we're going to prevent the people who created the ISIS monster and the monsters that preceded it from creating the next monster?  What will that be?  Where are we going to be fighting next?

A decade ago Canada got swept up in the fight against al Qaeda.  Now we're getting swept up in the fight against ISIS.  What iteration of this same degenerate monstrosity are we to fight ten years from now?

Ask Harper how a conventional force, especially an air force, can ever make a real dent in an unconventional force that can morph at will from a conventional, fighting force into an insurgency or even dissolve into gangs and individuals to be reconstituted somewhere else into the next al Qaeda or the next ISIS?

Ask Harper if it's worth attacking the snake, wouldn't it be even more worthwhile to cut off its head and end this once and for all?

We're never going to wipe out the legions of extremists willing to enlist in outfits like ISIS.  They're a dime a thousand.   In fact, the more of them we kill the more of them we recruit to their cause.

We can, however, wipe out the directing minds who stand behind the curtain pulling the levers.  We've been doing their dirty work and covering up for them for way too long and look where that's brought us.

Granted they're the same bunch that just placed a juicy 15-billion dollar order with us for armoured vehicles but, hey, we castigated the French for agreeing to sell helicopter carriers to Vlad Putin during the Ukraine fiasco.  It would be more than slightly hypocritical for us to deliver weapons of war to the Saudis, wouldn't it?

So Justin and Tommy, start asking Harper a few pointed questions.  Then ask him why we keep getting dragged into inconclusive wars fighting Frankenstein's monsters when we could be going after the evil doctor himself?


the salamander said...

.. Mulcair and Trudeau were almost certainly 'briefed' by Harper .. no ? Not much wind in your outraged sails when you stood on the sidelines having been briefed (pitiful soccer or football analogy courtesy of Harper)

Anonymous said...

And don't forget that 'ISIS' is a nice generic, nation-less body that can be attacked any time, any where and that it was created by the US government in an effort to defeat Assad.

The Mound of Sound said...

Sal, if Trudeau and Mulcair don't go after Harper on this, they really are unfit for high office.

@ Anon - as I've indicated this wasn't the creation of the US government. It was the handiwork of Bandar bin Sultan. I recall quite vividly back when he announced he was going to raise, equip and train an army in the deserts of Jordan to go after Assad. I was concerned at the time that Bandar's monster could go rogue.

Give the Americans a break. They had 13-years to build an Afghan army and look at the mess that created.