Sunday, March 01, 2015

Netanyahu Has Screwed the Pooch for Israel

Even if the next US president is a Republican, what Netanyahu is doing this week will cost Israel far into the future.  What the Israeli prime minister has somehow failed to grasp is that he is targeting the office of the president.

Even those who wish him luck now will never look on him, or Israel,  the same way again. He's a handy snake to have around - for Republicans, this time - but, afterwards, everyone gets a stick.

There are lines and Netanyahu is crossing one, a big line.  It's the sort of thing that isn't forgotten and even a future Republican president won't readily forgive.

Americans are all about their presidency.  Hell, they campaign for the office for two years.  They crave it and getting it means everything yet here's this Israeli yahoo coming right into their own backyard to undermine it.  Oooh, that leaves scars.


And then there's this, full page ad from the New York Times aimed at John Boehner


Kirby Evans said...

For the first time since I have been politically active, people in the mainstream are actually questioning the sincerity of the State of Israel where peace and justice is concerned. For so long we on the left have been marginalized by the mainstream for telling a basic truth - that Israel's goal is to take all of Palestine by hook or by crook (or massive human rights abuses). Now that truth is looking considerably less marginal.

The Mound of Sound said...

All we ever had to do was look, Kirby. Just look. I wish our leaders would at least do that.