Monday, March 02, 2015

You Play Ball With Me and I'll Stick the Bat Straight Up Your....

There's a scenario unfolding that's pretty amazing.

The White House has been negotiating a nuclear deal with Iran.  Obama has apparently kept his Israeli counterpart, Netanyahu, briefed on the negotiations and terms of the proposed deal including some concessions offered Iran.

Netanyahu doesn't like the deal.  He's been pushing for war against Iran - American war against Iran - for a long time.

The Israeli prime minister, facing a difficult election in just two weeks, has come to Washington claiming he needs to let Congress in on details the White House isn't revealing to them.  Netanyahu wants to stoke Congress up to resist a presidential veto.

There's no stepping back from this.  Either Netanyahu is flagrantly breaking White House confidences - he's spilling details Obama provided him - or else Israel has been spying on the negotiations - or Netanyahu is simply making stuff up and playing the Americans for suckers as he has so routinely in the past.

There are some observers speculating that the White House has a surprise or two of its own awaiting Netanyahu.  The sparks may fly tomorrow afternoon.


Update - if you're not familiar with this chronic liar's rich history of deliberate and wanton prevarication, The Intercept offers a nice summary.

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