Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Credit Where It's Due. Trudeau Stands Up to Trump and May.

Despite my general disappointment with the Trudeau government, the prime minister does periodically say or do things that are praiseworthy. His remarks during his visit to Ireland's new Taoiseach, Leo Vadkar, are one example.

Trudeau said in a joint press conference with Vadkar that Canada and Ireland had major allies who were going in a “different direction” from them, underlining his souring relationship with U.S. President Donald Trump.

"There are tremendous opportunities for countries like Canada and Ireland, at a time where perhaps our significant allies and trading partners in the case of both the U.S. and the U.K. are turning inward or at least turning into a different direction,” Trudeau said in comments carried by AFP.

The Canadian prime minister’s opinion was shared by Vadkar, who took the opportunity to discuss Britain’s decision to leave the European Union, and underlining the similarities between Ireland and Canada’s leaders-as opposed to those of the U.S. and U.K.

“We each share a relationship with a very big neighbor, a neighbor that has to a certain extent decided to go in a different direction at least for the time being,” Vadkar stated, adding: “I can't see a scenario where Britain could remain a member of the EU, even in transitional period, and then negotiate other trade deals on their own.”

Trudeau added that Trump has put America on the wrong side of the remainder of the G20.


Anonymous said...

I hope that being 'progressive' means we still are honest with ourselves; finding good or bad from both sides of this ridiculous left vs right political system.
Being married to the cause only makes problems worse.


The Mound of Sound said...

I've been attempting to immerse myself in the philosophy and principles of progressivism, TB. I think the term "progressive" has been stripped of most if not all of its meaning these days as a mantle that anyone even marginally left of the far right can claim like it's some Boy Scout badge.

One thing I have been pleased to discover is that progressivism is not the exclusive preserve of the left. It can be of application across most of the political spectrum so long as its principles are genuinely embraced.

I'm awaiting delivery of a copy of Charles Horne's, "The Meaning of Modern Life." It's an anthology of essays on progressivism that I believe was published in 1907. It's available in reprint now but I somehow managed to score a first edition copy in relatively good condition (supposedly) for an amazing price. The essayists, about 25 in number, range from Teddy Roosevelt to Woodrow Wilson and cover civil, political and human rights to universal suffrage and more. I understand it runs to over 800 pages.

I'm coming to the conclusion that a restoration of progressive democracy founded on these core principles is our best, perhaps only, hope of getting out from under neoliberalism.

Anonymous said...

An after thought.
perhaps Trudeau is an observant opportunist who sees the writing on the wall.
The US/UK kissing cousins era is fading fast.
Angela Merkel is being touted as the next leader of the ( gulp) free world.
We are seeing the biggest change to the world order since the UK faded and attached itself to the now,rapidly, fading USA?

Things aint what they used to be.


Dana said...

Or perhaps Trudeau is just another spineless twerp who doesn't really believe anything himself and is always willing to say whatever will most please the person or people he's addressing.