Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Verdict: Jefferson

Apparently it is customary for America's National Public Radio, NPR, to commemorate the 4th of July by reading or, this year, tweeting the Declaration of Independence in its entirety.

However this, the first year of our lord, Donald Jehova Trump, Thomas Jefferson's handiwork riled up Trump supporters who imagined the public broadcaster was trying to incite revolution, the overthrow of the federal government and its new king.

Some supporters of President Donald Trump didn’t recognize one of the nation’s founding documents and accused the broadcaster of inciting violence and even revolution.

Many of those comments have since been deleted and at least one user deleted an entire Twitter account.

But the tweets live on, some still posted online while others have been preserved in screen captures.

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Toby said...

During the 60's college students would take copies of the Declaration of Independence minus its title to public places and hand them out to passersby. They also noted that the ignorant few would come unhinged.