Friday, November 30, 2012

And This Is Our "Ally"?

The U.N. acts to overwhelmingly upgrade the status of the Palestinian state.   Israel retaliates by stealing more Palestinian lands in the West Bank, enough to sever the West Bank itself.   This is what we call our "ally"?

 "Israel has authorised the construction of 3,000 more housing units in occupied East Jerusalem and the West Bank, according to Israeli officials.

"It is also speeding up the processing of 1,000 planning permissions.

"The Palestinian Authority has said it will not return to peace talks without a freeze in settlement building.

"The decision comes a day after a vote at the UN General Assembly upgraded the Palestinians' status at the UN to that of non-member observer state.

"According to the Israeli Haaretz newspaper, some of the new units will be between Jerusalem and the settlement of Maale Adumim.
Plans to build settlements in the area, known as E1, are strongly opposed by Palestinians, who say the development will cut the West Bank in two, preventing the creation of a contiguous Palestinian state."

If this is Canada's ally, we've got a real scumbag for an ally.


Canadian silver bug/Green Assassin Brigade said...

So does Israel

Anonymous said...

French Canadians speak out against the Harperites.

"We know that we are not alone...."