Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Just a Few Questions for the Liberal Party of Canada

How long can the Liberal Party duck the fundamental issue of climate change and what it means to our country, to our people and to our world?   Here are a few questions I'd like the party and those vying for its leadership to consider and answer.   And, once they're finished, I'd put the same questions to the New Democrats.

Does the Liberal Party acknowledge the fact that mankind cannot consume more than a small fraction, perhaps just 20 per cent or even less, of known fossil fuel reserves already on the books of energy companies, if we are to have any hope of keeping global warming within the 2 degree Celsius target?

If not, what percent of known fossil fuel resources, does the Liberal Party accept can be burned without endangering the very survival of our civilization?  Does the Liberal Party even have a position on this question and, if not, why not?

Does the Liberal Party acknowledge that, in the transition to alternative energy, we must choose low-carbon fossil fuels over high-carbon fossil fuel energy?  Again, if not, why not?

Does the Liberal Party favour extraction and consumption of high-carbon fossil fuels over low-carbon fossil fuels and, if so, why?

Does the Liberal Party recognize that, at current rates of global fossil fuel consumption, our world is expected to endure 4 degree Celsius warming by 2100?

Does the Liberal Party believe that civilization is sustainable at warming of 4 degrees Celsius?

Does the Liberal Party see the drive to exploit high-carbon, unconventional fossil fuels as inherently nihilistic?  If not, why not?


the salamander said...

These are the questions superstar energy superpower political 'leaders' are supposed to be able to comprehend-answer.. tho assuming the concepts have entered their dinosaur or fossilized heads..

I give you Mr Harper .. Mr Oliver .. Mr Kent ..
'Leader' - 'Resources' - 'Environment'
perhaps one of them, or their exceptional and learned 'spokespersons' will answer your questions ..
in about 20 years ..

Saskboy said...

POS Kent is already paying lip service to the notion that his government has screwed up. I fear even that pull back from the brink of insanity, is simply insincere.

The Mound of Sound said...

Sal, John, you're missing the point. Both of you are focusing on the Conservatives which is an utter waste of time. Where we have to direct our efforts is inward, on our own parties. I want these questions answered on behalf of the Liberals and New Democrats. If we're to have any change it'll have to come from them. Ask yourselves why they aren't speaking to these questions and what does that mean in terms of what we can expect should Harper ever be turfed from office?

the salamander said...

Apologies.. Perhaps the challenge is to ensure those very legitimate questions are presented via mainstream media to Liberal leadership, NDP leadership .. Green leadership etc.. Without apology I would also like to hear or read a coherent public response from a Conservative with actual power.. so that would be Stephen Harper