Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Money Talks? We'll See

Together they manage 22.5-trillion dollars in assets.  Collectively, they're calling for governments to implement what they term, "investment grade climate policy."

The group is calling for a dialogue between investors and governments on seven points.

1.   Identify policies that promote low-carbon investment and discourage high-carbon investment;

2.   Reinforce reliability and predictability in climate and clean energy policy;

3.    Identify steps governments can take to improve climate policies, focusing on investment in greenhouse gas emissions mitigation;

4.    Find ways to bolster the effectiveness and spread of carbon markets;

5.    Work toward stronger international agreements on emissions reductions;

6.     Focus public and private sector collaboration on deployment of private capital on climate solutions, and;

7.    Phase out subsidies for fossil fuels that remain six times greater than subsidies for alternative, clean energy.

Money talks.   Maybe.

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