Thursday, November 15, 2012

It's Time to Kickstart Occupy

I've been establishment all my life.  I have served in the armed forces, I have had a pretty decent legal career, I've done just about everything from grave digging to - well, let's not go there.  I have always considered myself an establishment progressive but I don't believe that sort of thing exists any more.   Now, as I embark on my advanced years, I truly want to see the whole rotten business swept aside.   Like Chris Hedges, I don't want to wait until it's too late because that far down the road only lies really nasty extremism. 

Our last, best hope may well be with a reborn Occupy movement.  And here's a terrific anthem just for that.


Purple library guy said...

I can see it. Styles differ though--I'm more into something like
Muse's song Uprising:

the salamander said...

- my two cents -

I believe citizens, independent blogger/journalists, artists, researchers, comedians, poets, hackers, singers will have to shame mainstream media and drive them to the milk house. That's right.. Use mainstream media like milk cows.. milk them at dawn then turn them out till the late afternoon milk session then milk them and feed them. Instead of us listening to or watching them.. reverse the flow.. force them, to listen to us. MSM is starting to believe they are a majority government of information. They are a distinct minority.. and should be speaking for us.. not just to us..

The so called 'majority' Stephen Harper Government is in fact a miniscule minority. Do the math.. some 163 highly dubious political animals.. with more than 50% clearly theocratic-evangelical-creationist, in search of The Rapture, standing against women's rights, and apparently every damn one of them anti-environment, pro-pipeline, pro-China, pro-tar sands, pro fracking, anti-wild salmon, anti science, anti democratic, pro Israel, anti-muslim, pro-secrecy, pro obstruction of justice, anti caribou, pro cluster bomb, anti United Nations.. and I've left out many many contentious issues..

The back room war room operators, maids, aids, deep thinkers, data wonks, media minders, live/robo finks, think tanker-wankers and 'senior' advisors are possibly even more scary.. as they aint even elected.. and we really don't even know who they are.. much less what they really do.

My primitive understanding is that we talk.. they listen .. then manage our wishes per their job description as public servants are hired to do. How this got ass backwards.. so that they talk.. and we listen is criminal

Put 250 to 500 people on lawn chairs in front of each of these creeps homes.. and watch how the mainstream media in each city, in each province, and worldwide react. If we occupy anything.. it should be the community space these toxic operators are existing in. That's right.. the riding that elected them. Right outside their front door.

The first 'home' and riding occupied should be in Calgary Southwest.. Harper's riding. A peaceful, legal, public gathering of very concerned Canadians at 163 locations across Canada.. As well, the house at 24 Sussex in Ottawa should have a gathering of concerned Canadians that can come and go in shifts.. an hour, 10 minutes.. whatever time you can spare.

That means Canadians meeting other Canadians on the street where their MP lives.. in their community. Open and public exchange of ideas, friendly conversations about government, pensions, military adventurism, our environment, our waters, our air.. you know.. all that stuff that our elected MP's and leader seem incapable of..

Milk the Media ..