Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Aaaaah! Is This Is How Civilization Ends?

Google Maps used to be a great aid to navigate your way to destinations.   That was then, this is now.  Enter Google Indoor Maps, the app that helps you navigate shopping malls and even individual retail stores.

The holiday shopping season is upon us. Your favorite retail stores are already playing holiday tunes, promoting sales, and decking out their displays in red and green. But if flashbacks of people rushing all around you frantically trying to find gifts for everyone on their lists are giving you anxiety, fret not. This year you can use indoor Google Maps on your Android device to stay cool, calm, collected and most of all, one step ahead of the crowd.

On Black Friday and throughout this holiday season, simply zoom in to a participating store on Google Maps to devise your shopping game plan. An indoor floor plan with helpful labels will automatically appear, and the familiar “blue dot” icon will help you figure out the fastest way to the accessories department, the food court when you need to refuel, and the closest restroom or ATM when you need a break from your marathon shopping session. For many locations, you can even get indoor walking directions to find the best route from one store to the next. 

I've got an idea.   How about lithium ion battery powered roller skates slaved via Bluetooth to an Android device running Google Indoor Maps.   You just step inside the mall, cursor over to the potato chip section at Wal Mart and, voila, you're there!

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