Saturday, November 17, 2012

Another Window into Harper's Sleazy Guest Worker Programme

Stephen Harper's "guest worker" programme is off to a predictable start and it has his government already running for cover.

The idea was that energy companies could seek Canadian workers and, if they came up short, they could bring in foreign workers to fill those jobs at significantly lower wage rates.

A Chinese-owned coal mine in northern B.C. knew a pot of gold when it saw one and went for it.   They began by duly advertising their jobs in Canada - at rates $10-17 lower than comparable wages at nearby mines.   But they also stipulated applicants needed to speak Mandarin Chinese.   And then, when all those Manadarin-speaking Canadian miners didn't jump at the chance to get the low-wage jobs on offer, the Chinese moved to bring in 300 Chinese miners.

Well this one was just a little too blatant, even for the Harpers.  The Chinese knew how to play Chairman Harper's union-busting, fossil-fuel subsidy game but they were just too damned obvious with that Mandarin-language business.

Still, Harper government lawyers are fighting to ensure that mining unions - those that represent Canadian workers - aren't allowed standing to be heard at the court hearing now underway.   The judge doesn't appear to be buying the government's arguments, pointing out that the deal by which the feds gave the Chinese permits to bring in 300-Chinese miners was all done "behind closed doors."

Lawyers for the Crown said the unions should not be granted standing in the case.
To do so would set a precedent that would open "floodgates" for labour and interest groups to pursue reviews of government decisions.
"That would be turning the entire judicial review process on its head," Lorne Lachance, representing the federal Department of Justice, told the judge.
"Is the court to be used for fishing expeditions that go well beyond individual concerns?" asked Lachance.
"There's fish in the lake," Judge Douglas Campbell responded.
Even Human Resources Minister Diane Finley has said there may be problems in the process, the judge noted, referring to Finley's announcement last week that concerns about the Murray River mine prompted a review of the entire foreign worker program.
"We need to see the process. We need to know what HD did," Campbell said. "This was all done behind closed doors."

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Anonymous said...

Harper has done the same at the tar pits. Harper has already given huge chunks of the tar pits to Communist China. They are bringing their own people to work there.

Harper has permitted all company's to hire that cheap labor. China will build the Enbridge pipeline. Harper will kindly maintain the pipeline for China, out of our tax dollars.

Canadians don't get the refining jobs. Harper gave those to Red China too.

When Harper gives the bulk of the tar pits to China? Who gets the jobs? Canadians or cheap Chinese labor?

There are American oil workers coming to Canada as well.

Harper's favorite henchman Gordon Campbell, thieved and sold BC's resources to Red China as well. Gordon Campbell had China send their people to school, to learn 100 words of English, so they could take BC mining jobs. Harper and Campbell's plots for, the Chinese takeover, was plotted long ago.

CSIS even warned of Red China's huge inroads into Canada. BC was specifically mentioned. However, as much as BC yelled about this, no-one would listen.
Red China has hacked into other country's secret files. Red China sold infected electronic components. U.S. missiles and other weapons had, infected components purchased from China.

Other country's are really furious at China. They are having to kick China out of their territories

Murray river has gone to court, to remove Chinese miners.

Ghana has detained Chinese miners, for illegal mining.

South Africa is angry. China is cheating the people, out of their wages.

Every country China gets into, they lie, deceive and steal from the country's and their people.

Harper has brought that wretched country, right onto our Canadian soil.

Harper is a Traitor. Selling Canada out to a Communist country, is a High Treason crime. No Canadian is obligated to obey a Traitor.

Anonymous said...

One other thing that people don't seem to know. When foreign workers are brought into Canada and the workers don't have a place to stay, the government will provide money so lodgings can be built at low rates of interest if at all, while the workers are charged rent and the owner who needed the foreign worker gets to own a building for nothing.

The Mound of Sound said...

@ Anon 11:22. Your outrage is well founded. I too have read plenty of the problems associated with Chinese guest workers in Third World countries, particularly in Africa.

@ Anon 12:18. Have you a source for that?

Anonymous said...

Yes...about a year ago CBC had a program on this.