Thursday, November 22, 2012

Will BC'ers Back Pot Next Year?

The organization, Sensible BC, plans to place a marijuana policing referendum before British Columbians in 2014.

SBC has already had a test run, placing its Sensible Policing Act proposal before Elections BC to verify that the legislation was within provincial jurisdiction and was suitable for a referendum.  It cleared those hurdles whereupon SBC promptly withdrew it.

The way the initiative rules work, once approved, referendum proponents have 90-days to garner 400,000 signatures.   SBC wasn't prepared for that public campaign this year but plans to pre-register supporters next year prior to triggering the 90-day deadline.

With this approach, it's hard to imagine SBC won't get the stipulated 400,000 signatures next year.   Then the initiative will be added to the next scheduled referendum in September, 2014.

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