Sunday, November 11, 2012

It's Curious How Badly We Don't Want to Know

The scientific community is warning anyone willing to listen that Hurricane Sandy was just the opening act for even more extreme weather conditions to come.   So, what are we doing about it?  What is your province doing?   What is our federal government doing?

The storms and flooding are bad enough but it could be the droughts that send our society reeling.   How many more droughts like the one just winding down can we sustain without suffering widespread and substantial impacts?   Australia's wheat belt is expected to be hit by drought this year.   America's drought may rebound this summer.    The same is expected in Russia.

What lies in store for Canada?   With Harper actively suppressing Canadian scientists, how will we get the information we need to meet the future?   Harper has chosen between the safety and welfare of the country and our people and the interests of the oil patch and we the people came out on the losing end.

Then again, we're not pushing back very hard either.   Harper knows we're letting him get away with his chicanery.   There may be pockets of resistance, such as here in coastal B.C., but by and large the country is asleep in the backseat, content to leave Harper at the wheel.


Kev said...

Harper knows we're letting him get away with his chicanery

The same could be said about everything Harper does. Every time I hear someone say he is no different than any other politician I die a little inside.

The corporate media has done their jobs extremely well, portraying Harper as merely a tad right of centre

bcwaterboy said...

The media is under the same hypnotic spell as the rest of us, all we hear harper say is jobs and the economy and tune the rest out.

bcwaterboy said...

Also, we wait for our weekly column from our local MP to tell us how wrong we all are to question anything the "our government" does.

The Mound of Sound said...

There's no question on that, Kev. One example came from Harper's visit to the war memorial in Hong Kong. A reporter asked about the low rate of approval for veterans' funeral expenses applications. Harper's response began, "As you know, our government is deeply concerned with veterans... " "As you know"? The reporter naturally balked at challenging Harper.