Saturday, November 17, 2012

Poor Mitt, Run Out on a Rail by Republicans

George w. Bush got the message when he left the White House - scram!   Now it's Mitt's turn to endure the Republican instant cold shoulder.   He may have just set back the cause of polygamy by a century or two.

Republicans are fleeing Mitt Romney and his comments this week attributing his loss to Barack Obama’s “gifts” for minorities and young people at such a high clip that the United Nations Refugee Agency may need to step in to regulate the flow. First to take issue with Romney’s remarks was Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, then New Mexico Gov. Susannah Martinez, and now you can add Chris Christie to the mix. On the conservative punditry side, Romney took a whack today from John Podhoretz, after already being hit by his most loyal fan of all, Washington Post blogger Jennifer Rubin, which is a bit like being called to task by your Aunt Sally who sends you $20 every birthday and thinks none of your girlfriends was worthy of your greatness.

The Repugs remain a house deeply divided with moderate conservatives and Tea Baggers each blaming Romney's failure on the other side.

Romney hadn't had time to bid adieu to his transition team before David Frum released his E-book, "Why Romney Lost and What the GOP Can Do About It."

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