Thursday, November 08, 2012

Does Obama Have the Killer Instinct He Needs?

Will the United States and the world really have to endure "four more years" or will a new Barack Obama emerge in his second term?

One sign to look for is whether Obama moves quickly to exploit fractures in the Republican ranks with "in your face" policies designed to cut moderate Republicans, and their votes, out of the extremist Republican herd.

This is the moment for Obama to move on Republican "hot button" issues such as inequality and climate change while the GOP is bitterly divided and licking its wounds.   McConnell and Boehner are talking about Obama having to meet them halfway, a truly moving target for those two manipulators.   The Republican House and Senate leadership needs to be roughed up and the coming months may be Obama's best chance to drive wedges in the Republican ranks.

The Congressional Dems could also use a little discipline, something that was lacking in Obama's first term.   Both Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi need to up their game.

Let's hope Obama has learned one thing in his first term - that you don't begin negotiations with Republicans by throwing compromise on the table.   That's not your starting point, it's your deal closer.

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