Thursday, November 22, 2012

Is America Now Okay With the Post-Mubarak Egypt?

Did Benjamen Netanyahu just rebuild America's relationship with Egypt?

After the fall of the brutal, murderous Mubarak regime, many American pols seemed genuinely distraught when a candidate from the Muslim Brotherhood, Mohammed Morsi, was elected the first Islamist president of Egypt.

When Netanyahu unleashed the Israeli air force on Gaza the world eyed Morsi suspiciously, fearful of an Islamist retaliation against Israel.   Instead the Egyptians calmly backed the Gaza Palestinians and set about brokering a ceasefire that Netanyahu had no choice but to accept.   As the New York Times reports, president Morsi emerged as the real victor.

"The United States, Israel and Hamas all praised Egypt’s role in brokering the cease-fire as the antagonists pulled back from violence that had killed more than 150 Palestinians and five Israelis over the past week.

"...The deal demonstrated the pragmatism of Egypt’s new Islamist president, Mohamed Morsi, who balanced public support for Hamas with a determination to preserve the peace with Israel." 

Canada's theocratic government of the day can't be at all pleased with this outcome but, like the Americans, they're just going to have to accept there is a new political dynamic in the Middle East and that demonizing Islamism as a matter of course is of dwindling utility.   The Rapture freaks can remain mired in their religious fantasies that drive their dark world view but the future of the Middle East will be written by people with names like Edrogan and Morsi.

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