Monday, November 05, 2012

Is Steve at Risk in India?

Steve Harper has brought his own convoy of armoured cars to India.  TorStar reports the RCMP "at least two" of the prime minister's vehicles, including an armoured limo, to ferry him about during his visit.

Neither the PMO nor the RCMP will comment on why the security India provides wasn't adequate for Steve.   Maybe the Prince of Dankness figured if American Presidents can ferry along their own wheels, so should he.

Ah, it's only money.

Harper and wife Laureen started their day in Agra where they toured the Taj Mahal and came away awestruck at the sight of the majestic landmark.

“It’s iconic. If you’re going to come to India, you have to see this. This is the thing. Believe me it’s worth seeing. I recommend it to anyone,” Harper told reporters after his Monday morning visit.



Anonymous said...

In Steve's tiny little mind, he is a amerkin president.

kootcoot said...

"Is Steve at Risk in India?"

Ah, but we can dream that he never comes back, for whatever reason. Hell, he could move into the Taj Mahal as far as I'm concerned. Fascists like Little Stevie should be at risk where ever they are!

Anonymous said...

Harper has a very close relationship with Communist China. I think India was one of the country's secret files, that China has hacked into.

Harper has become very paranoid about his security. He was even afraid of kids toy swords, on Halloween night. How pathetic is that?

Harper has so many enemies now. The more he has people despise him, the higher his security bill. It was a, whopping $47 million. Rumor has it, Harper's security bill, is as high as the moon these days. Harper isn't worth 47 cents.

If Harper is being named a Traitor. Selling Canada out to Communist China is High Treason? Perhaps he can be exiled to Communist China. Harper envies China their Human Rights because, they don't have any. China also has cheap slave wages for their citizens. That's exactly what Harper wants in Canada too.

All of Canada's resource jobs, are going to cheap slave wages from foreign country's.

Anonymous said...

"Is Steve at Risk in India?"

Vishnu I hope so

Beijing York said...

I wonder if he pulled a Bush Jr. move (i.e. when he went to Buckingham Palace) and demanded that a 30 mile perimeter be secured for his visit in Agra.

But seriously, is there some racist inspired threat assessment at play here - justifying the need for this elaborate armoured cortege? The Taj Mahal is considered an important site for Agra's Muslim population.

Anyong said...

Harper viewed the Taj Mahal through a veil of air pollution. He will not ever be able to say he doesn't know what air pollution is!!