Friday, November 30, 2012

It's Too Late to Whine Now

One day after leading the charge to block the UN General Assembly from granting upgraded recognition to the Palestinian Authority, the United States is supposedly condemning Israel for retaliating by authorizing a further 3,000 settler homes to be built upon Palestinian lands in the occupied West Bank.

You dumb humps.  You shot your bolt yesterday.   Israel got what it wanted out of you and Harper so Netanyahu has nothing to lose from turning on Palestine today.   And there's sweet Fanny Adams you can do about it.

Maybe you feel like Bibi's bitch.   Well you should, for that's precisely what you are.  It's not like you haven't had years of experience of this sort of Israeli betrayal.  Fool me once, shame on you.   Fool me again and again and again...


Richard said...

Indeed, much too late. Where are the calls for a right to self-defense now?

BTW, I will get to your comments on my blog - I have been very busy and haven't had time to properly look into your comments.

Anthony Tillman said...

Great timeline. I will honor this work by sharing it in my lectures at post secondary institutions. You all do amazing work. The BTW has inspired me to continue on with the work that I do.