Saturday, November 03, 2012

Reefer Madness

This will come as a surprise to most British Columbians but criminal charges for marijuana possession in this province have soared 88 per cent over the past decade.

But pot prosecutions aren't the only thing that's up.   So is public support for decriminalization of possession.   An Angus Reid poll found nearly three out of four British Columbians favour regulating and taxing pot.   In Vancouver, just 13% of respondents supported criminal prosecution for possession of a joint.   Here on the island that was down to just 8%.

It's unclear where the pot crackdown is taking place.  It isn't Vancouver.  34 were charged with simple pot possession in 2006 and that fell to just 6 charges in 2010.   One pot possession charge every two months, that's it?

Isn't it time society grew up and stopped this nonsense?


Jymn said...

Curious. I live in downtown Vancouver. I rarely go out without passing by someone openly puffing on a joint. The Art Gallery is hometown to pot central, with people on the steps sharing spliffs. You are right to ask where this 'crackdown is taking place?' Perhaps it is taking place in the more conservative parts of the province. But not here in Van.

Anonymous said...

I'm interested in seeing how Washington States initiative 502 turns out.