Friday, November 30, 2012

Top General Contradicts Boss, Airshow MacKay

Military bullshitter-in-chief, Elmer's backward boy, Peter MacKay, got taken to the woodshed by his own, newly-minted Chief of Defence Staff Tom Lawson.

In question was MacKay's outlandish claim that only the "fifth generation F-35" could meet Canada's needs.

For starters, the whole "fifth generation" schtick is the product of manufacturer Lockheed's PR/Marketing department.  It's a contrivance but one with obvious appeal to MacKay.

"Fourth and fifth generation is not a very helpful way of looking at that aircraft," Lawson told reporters in a scrum after his testimony.  Oopsie, Pete won't be happy with that.   Burn.

Lawson also noted, quite properly, that most fighters today have some degree of stealth technology.

"There are countries around the world flying the [other aircraft with stealth capabilities] to great success these days," Lawson told MPs on Thursday.

Lawson said that while other fighter jets offer an "element" of stealth capability, the F-35 is "better."

But when asked by Liberal defence critic John McKay whether there is only one airplane that can meet the standard of stealth set out in the Canadian military's requirements, Lawson said "no."

Lawson's honesty flies directly in the face of boss MacKay's dishonesty when he claimed two years ago that the F-35, "is the only plane that can fill the requirement laid out in Canada First Defence Strategy."

Despite General Lawson's refreshing candor, it appears the F-35 selection is still being gamed by the Harper government.

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