Monday, April 25, 2016

A Prosecutor Asks the Wright Questions

The National Observer's, Sandy Garossino, a businesswoman, journalist and former Crown prosecutor has done a brilliant job of wading into the aftermath and stench of the Duffy trial to ask the "Wright Questions" that cannot be left unasked, unanswered.

Over at iPolitics, Michael Harris offers an even longer list of essential questions.

Justin Trudeau may prefer to close the book on the Wright-Harper affair, this possible conspiracy, but we deserve answers and if those answers do reveal a national police apparatus gone rogue and political institutions that can no longer be trusted then we deserve action.


Anonymous said...

If the Liberals actually want to stay in power against the ReformaCon nightmare, they should in fact properly investigate the lapses of justice in the charges made against Duffy and the subsequent trial. I am not hopeful.

However, the EKOS poll that came out today reveals that 28% of someone or other are still in favour of harper being the new leader of the CPC. He's ahead of everyone else! The knuckle-draggers and see-no-evil, hear-no-evil apparently believe he is a thoughtful and decent chap. Perhaps they should remove the packed suet stuffed in between their ears.

While I personally can no longer watch the National on CBC, what with the lightweight Mansbridge at the helm, and right wing idiots like Coyne and Murphy braying on like spoonfed Koch acolytes, the right wingers see the CBC as left wing commie nuts.

The actual criminal behaviour of the RCMP and Wright needs to be exposed if only to be used as ammo in the next election campaign. Prancing about trying to unify Canada (at least in his own head) while objectively showing no managerial skills whatsoever, JT seems to want to calm things down and not stir things up. It is the incorrect response in my opinion. He needs to go for the jugular, not let bygones be bygones.

However, I am not at all convinced that the Liberals are not controlled by just another branch of the global neoliberal hegemony, this being the Canadian branch while harper rolled with yankee input. And he seems to have accepted US primacy, while Obama had to go over to the UK and give them a lecture on being good little US puppets and not leave the EU.

It's crazy times on planet Earth.


Toby said...

Agreed, the mess needs to be opened up but Trudeau and crew will probably close it. I'm reminded of Ford pardoning Nixon. There seems to be an unwritten code that the powerful protect each other from the prying ears and eyes of ordinary people.

The Mound of Sound said...

I agree, BM and Toby. This government doesn't have the sand to go after this even if the evidence screams that the state police apparatus has fallen corrupt. What transpired on Paulson's watch was even worse than what was perpetrated by Zaccardelli. One has to be utterly unaware and naive to have any confidence in this national police agency.

The lack of confidence in the RCMP is only deepened by the lack of any efforts by the government of the day to clean out the rot.

Dana said...

I remain cautiously yet not breathlessly hopeful.

Still, governments being what they are, it isn't beyond the pale to think that this one would want to close off the possibility of silencing their own soon to be embarrassments in much the same way.

The Mound of Sound said...

I think you're on the money, Dana. The Libs would need to see some real necessity of the sort that would earn them oodles of political capital for acting. Without that clear payoff they'll be reluctant to stick their necks out for the sake of the country.

the salamander said...

.. any kind of quaint 'gentlemen's agreement' re too big to investigate - let sleeping dogs lie - quasi Parliamentry immunity - corrupted RCMP - hamstrung Justice systems - need to go out the window here - defenestred so to speak..

Where is Ray Novak? Nigel skates, Harper's lipsticked lips sealed .. Paulson needs to be investigated.. We need to unearth all communications.. flush the corruption ..

Steve said...

considering how adscam was Conservative red meat for decades. The CONS must be held to account.

The Mound of Sound said...

@ Sal - Do you also sense that many of us are developing an idea of Trudeau as a refreshing face who brings inspiring messaging to the table but not much substance?

We'll really get serious about fighting climate change but not until we get a few pipelines up and running flushing the fecal fossil fuel of Athabasca into tanker holds. Oh, you just wait, we'll show those Saudis a thing or two - after we get these "jeeps" to Riyadh. We're going to clean up government but Nigel has a plane to catch. Don't worry about the Big Brother business. We're keeping it down in the basement so out of sight/out of mind. The TPP? Why, we stand on guard for thee.

And, besides, look at this awesome yoga pose. Neat, eh?