Tuesday, April 05, 2016

What Does This Say About the Globe & Mail?

Reading the opening day coverage of the Panama Papers scandal in The Globe & Mail conveyed the sense of a paper on the outside looking in. There was something forlorn, dejected in the articles.

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists doled out the Mossack Fonseca documents to 100 news organizations around the world. In Canada there were just two - the Toronto Star and the CBC.

I can understand that PostMedia would be scratched off the distribution list. Ditto for CTV and Global. But The Globe?

Could it be that The Globe was just too corporatist for the ICIJ? I'd love to know but look at it this way. If you had that massive pile of documents to circulate would you cut The Globe in on the action? I know I wouldn't. That said I can't wait for Margaret Wente to tell us that this is nothing but a tempest in a tea pot.


Anonymous said...

You're implying that the Globe is worthy of the respect of true investigative journalist as opposed to the hive of narrators corporate shills that swarm Front Street. Truth be told, I'm surprised the CBC or Toronto Star got the story as well, but I suppose they felt someone in Canada needed a crack at it.

Northern PoV said...

Just like the NYTimes, The G&M has become a pale imitation of world class newspaper.
Were they thinking it would blow over? Just shows their instincts are as healthy as their ethics.