Monday, April 25, 2016

To the Liberal Loudmouth: The Only Thing that Ties Attawapiskat Suicides to Freedom to Die in Dignity is Your Medieval Religious Superstition

No, your Eminence, this is not Assisted Suicide.

It's a terse post from the Liberal Loudmouth: "Makes sense. Assisted suicide vs. Attawapiskat. Untie that knot, if you can. Don't know how Ottawa can reconcile assisted suicide with crisis at Attawapiskat."

Untie that knot? Sure, be happy to. The only knot is in the murky Catholic superstitions that bind this character's supposedly enlightened mind.

Yes there is a serious and troubling suicide/attempted suicide problem in Attawapiskat. Members of that remote First Nations community have been attempting to commit suicide at alarming rates. We must act to relieve their suffering and end this wave of attempted suicides.

The government's legislation addresses a much different problem. It's a distinction that any genuine progressive should have not the slightest difficulty grasping.

What this joker dismisses as "assisted suicide" has nothing to do with suicide. It's not choosing death over life. It's not choosing to end a viable life. This legislation is an attempt to provide compassionate relief to a different class of people - the terminally ill. They are dying and that is anything but of their own choice. It's specious to mock them by pretending otherwise. It's vile to ignore their reality. It is abjectly demeaning of people who want nothing more than to die with dignity and compassion. It's inhumane, monstrously so to deny them that choice, to condemn those among them who face a protracted and agonizing death. And, the most monstrous part is to invoke your religious superstitions and your make-believe deity as justification.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Mound. I cringed when I read that piece (his, not yours). I hoped that somebody would write a good response.

The Mound of Sound said...

Ah, a voice out of the wilderness. Welcome. I have watched the stats counter since this was posted. It has been widely read but you're the only one willing to comment.