Saturday, April 23, 2016

Correct Me If I'm Wrong, But

I had always thought that Canada claimed ownership of the North Pole, a claim that was now disputed by Russia and even Denmark.

Hell's bells I hope I'm wrong about that because the Russians now have military units there.

RT reporter Roman Kosarev has gone to the top of the world, landing on drifting ice above the Arctic Circle to visit Russia’s Barneo military base and do survival training with a special (Spetznaz) taskforce.

The main reason for setting up a military base on a drifting icefield just dozens of kilometers from the North Pole is to create a unique training environment where elite combat teams can undergo ultimate survival tests in the truly inhumane conditions of Russia’s extreme North. 

They're even sending in paratroopers now.

A helpful hint: "I surrender" is literally translated into Russian as "Ja sdajus'."


Anonymous said...

There you go again trying to drive all other bloggers off the front page of Progressive Bloggers.Do you think it belongs to you? Do you even realize how selfish that makes you look? Or how pathetic. Three of us are starting a petition to ask PB's managers to restrain you. But if you are smart,and don't want to end up being really embarrassed, may I suggest you restrain yourself.

The Mound of Sound said...

Fill your boots, chum.

The Mound of Sound said...

Hmm, I just took a quick look and it seems every post going back to midnight, Pacific time, is still alive and well on your cherished "front page." Now ordinarily the front page is for new items. Old items, yesterday's papers are more often in the recycling bin. Your histrionics are hilarious.

For the record, I'm not "trying" to do anything. I can't account for whatever strange thoughts must be running through your head. But thanks for your thoughtful suggestion.

Dana said...

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If PB pays any attention whatever to this gormless dimwit, other than to maybe tell him to fuck off, it'll be the final signal to me to remove the PB bookmark.

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Kyle H. said...

You clearly don't understand how to deal with trolls, Moundy. You don't engage with them in lengthy replies, you tell them to Deal. With. It.

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the salamander said...

.. 'fill your boots chum' .. Now that's a winner... succinct n open to interpretation - blunt - I damn near spewed coffee reading the comment & your polite boot retort finished me off.. my fiancees 2 dawgs are still in an uproar n licking sugar & cafeine off the floor

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rumleyfips said...

I think the strategic value of the North is minimal in the post Harper world. Harper talked sovereignty but was only interested in oil givaways to his petropals. That train has left the station. Nobody is about to invest money in high extraction cost oil. Oil plutocrats saw the Canadian Artic as prime pillage territory, untouched with a small powerless population. Rape the land and refuse responsibility without paying royalties. Ironic this dream has been killed by the invisible hand of the unfettered market.

Noone is about to attack us from the North, not even Trump.

A Northwest passage for global shipping will take place in Russian waters where there is much less ice . Russia has also invested in Arctic infrastructure; cities and ports, something Canada is not interested in doing.

Anonymous said...

Anyong said.....rumleyfips....I have to ask, "What is Canada interested in doing" at this present time??

Northern PoV said...

Just to drive that person nuts by dominating PB ... here's a topic up yer alley Mound: