Tuesday, April 05, 2016

The Clock Runs Out for Dean Del Mastro

It's off to the Greybar Hotel for former Harper aide and MP Dean Del Mastro.

Deano struck out on his appeal against conviction for election overspending offences and was whisked off to jail to serve his one month sentence.

Ah, hell, he'll be out before he knows it.


Lorne said...

I hope his new living quarters come equipped with a sump pump, Mound, given the felon's known propensity for shedding copious tears of self-pity.

Steve said...

I guess he really is guilty.

Anonymous said...

He is a smaa(a)ll fish.
Still waiting for justice after McGuilty fiasco. 1+ billion gone, computers wiped out clean and, after few years, still no charges, never mind a conviction.
The only way to dislodge the current cabal controlling all 3 parties is to have full PR* with low threshold.
(one can have full PR where all representatives are elected)