Thursday, April 21, 2016

Is Christy Clark Selling Out British Columbia?

We thought the Northern Gateway pipeline initiative was dead. We thought that northern British Columbia was safe. Maybe not.

Has Christy Clark cut a quid pro quo deal with Alberta that would see the Northern Gateway pipeline brought back to life? A report in the National Observer claims that the BC and Alberta governments are in negotiations that would see Northern Gateway cleared for operation in exchange for which the Tar Sands would buy hydro-electricity from Christy's Folly, the Site C dam.

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the salamander said...

.. Canadians.. and in particular, British Columbians & First Nations need to seriously examine Christy Clark & who is behind her .. Ideology, ethics, intentions, election promises.. donors, connections.. you name it.. Her odd & flawed pipeline to failed Harper political animals should make anyone's antenna stand on end.. Its hard to believe anyone believes she's a 'public servant' .. any more than anyone could perceive Stephen Harper as a 'public servant' .. he actually saw all of us as public servants.. Where Christy Clark is on truly critical files seems a complete mystery & work of fiction.. exactly like Harper..