Friday, May 19, 2017

Assange Outwaits the Swedish Heat

Julian Assange may walk on the rape allegations from Sweden that have kept him bottled up in Ecuador's London embassy for years.

Swedish prosecutors have dropped their preliminary investigation into an allegation of rape against the WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, bringing an end to a seven-year legal standoff.

The decision was taken after prosecutors concluded that “at this point, all possibilities to conduct the investigation are exhausted”, Sweden’s director of public prosecutions, Marianne Ny, said on Friday.

“In order to proceed with the case, Julian Assange would have to be formally notified of the criminal suspicions against him. We cannot expect to receive assistance from Ecuador regarding this. Therefore the investigation is discontinued.

“If he, at a later date, makes himself available, I will be able to decide to resume the investigation immediately.”

Assange claimed asylum in 2012 arguing that, if he was delivered up to the Swedes, they, or the Brits, would simply turn him over to the Americans for political persecution.

With the announcement Assange got all frisky:

Later he tweeted again: “Detained for 7 years without charge by while my children grew up and my name was slandered. I do not forgive or forget.”

If he does venture out of the Ecuadorean embassy, the British Police still have issues to settle with Assange.

The Metropolitan police in London said Assange would face immediate arrest for breaching his bail conditions; a warrant was issued when he failed to attend a magistrates court after entering the embassy.

“The Metropolitan police service is obliged to execute that warrant should he leave the embassy,” the statement said.

It added: “Whilst Mr Assange was wanted on a European arrest warrant (EAW) for an extremely serious offence, the MPS response reflected the serious nature of that crime. Now that the situation has changed and the Swedish authorities have discontinued their investigation into that matter, Mr Assange remains wanted for a much less serious offence. The MPS will provide a level of resourcing which is proportionate to that offence.”

It's telling that Julian "I do not forgive or forget" Assange acts as though he's been cleared, vindicated. He hasn't been anything of the sort.  If he wants to clear his name he'll have to travel to Sweden. Without that he's just another accused sex offender conveniently beyond the reach of the law. Don't forget, this is the guy who promised that he would hop a flight to the U.S. to face the music if Obama pardoned Chelsea Manning only to renege on that promise when Obama did pardon Chelsea Manning.


Anonymous said...

Funny how Assange is both vilified and praised by both sides of the political spectrum depending what has been exposed at the time.

At this point neither Assange nor "Miss A" or "Miss W" will ever see justice but the narrative against Assange will taint him.

Personally, the world needs more Wikileaks as governments and corporations are out of control.

The Mound of Sound said...

The thing is, Anon, he's still accused of rape in Sweden. I found it telling that, the day the Swedes announced they were suspending the investigation because he had eluded them by hiding in the London embassy, he proclaimed that he had been cleared, vindicated. The little pity party continued as he said he had been imprisoned in the embassy, deprived of sunlight, denied the chance to see his kids. Then he announced he was going to war. Each of those lies, layer by layer, sounded like something Trump would say.

He hasn't been cleared or vindicated of anything. He has been living in asylum, not imprisoned. I'm pretty sure there are windows in that embassy through which sunlight can enter freely.

I'm not aware of any obstacle that would have prevented his kids from visiting him in the Ecuadorean embassy where he's chosen to reside. There might be another reason, perhaps unresolved rape accusations, that could be keeping his kids from Assange's side but that, I assume, would be his wife's decision, not that of the British, American or Swedish authorities.

Then there was the Chelsea Manning business. Assange vowed he would surrender to U.S. authorities of Obama pardoned Manning. Obama pardoned Manning. Assange called the deal off. Cute.

It is, to me, all of these things, the weight of layer upon layer, that lead me to see Assange as a pasty-faced conniver. You may put all that aside and see him quite differently.

Anonymous said...

Assange might be guilty of being a piss poor lover and womanizer who got accused of" rape" when the ladies were dissatisfied with his services and, especially, his (divided) attention. There his guilt ends.

"Then there was the Chelsea Manning business." So Assange did a minor grandstanding stint which did not hurt anyone. Only minds bent on revenge would use this case to diminish Assange's undisputed achievements and undisputed suffering in the embassy.

The Mound of Sound said...

As I said, A..non, he stands accused of rape. I would think you're a piss poor choice to weigh the merits of that based on what you've read at truthdig.

What I do know is that his claim that he had been vindicated and cleared of the accusations isn't true and I know that you're sentient enough to realize that much.

I don't know whether he's guilty of those charges but that's not important.

This claim that he's been imprisoned these past 7 years and deprived of contact with his children goes to his credibility. It's pure sophistry. Just as Trump counts on the support of the feeble-minded, Assange relies on the same ranks to ignore the falsehoods and hyperbole he dishes up.

I think the guy has a messianic streak and I've always felt that way, long before he scurried into the Ecuadorean embassy. This idea he presents of Wikileaks being a one-man show, operated by a latter-day Mandella is a bit of a giggle.

Anonymous said...

Mound, I know that many are "weasels" when it comes to words, but to you see any difference between "clemency" and "commute"?

The Mound of Sound said...

It's largely a distinction without a difference. Assange thought he'd grandstand a bit and then had to fall back on some tortured interpretation to cover his ass.

Anonymous said...

It's largely a distinction without a difference.

Thanks - I like that sentence and I think you maybe quite correct.

Anonymous said...

"he stands accused of rape"

Well, well, when a prosecutor shopping is necessary to press charges, such charges are always suspect, "rape" or not.
I highly doubt that charges would be withdrawn if Assange would actually have committed an actual rape. What has very likely happened (according to the "piss poor" information provided by no other than John Pilger) is as follows: each lady thought that she, to the exclusion of other gals, offers her body on an altar of truth to a high priest of Wikileaks as a sacrifice to fight dark forces of imperial globalism, but instead each of them was shafted into becoming just a sperm receptacle.
Hell broke loose when they figured it out.
Does "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" sound familiar?
In any case, your very deep dislike and animosity towards Assange emanates palpably from your writings and, in my opinion, clouds your judgement. A bad omen for a lawyer...

The Mound of Sound said...

A..non, your remarks might be interesting if your facts weren't so fundamentally flawed. How did you get it in your mind that any charges have been "withdrawn"? That's not what happened however your confusion explains the remainder of your comment.